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ESL Cafe - FREE Toronto English classes

ESL English Class Descriptions and Explanations

ESL English Class explanations - Basic English Language Skills - Academic preparation - Conversation - Grammar - Pronunciation - Vocabulary - Writing classes

English Through: Comedy, Film, Global Social Issues, Journalism, Music, Media, Social Media, Toronto, Vancouver, International Global Issues, History, Street Talk, Performing Arts, Environment and Green Initiatives, and other personal interests topics.

Preparation Classes Academic and Test Preparation Courses; Academic Speaking, Listening, writing, vocabulary, Cambridge Business English CAE CPE FCE; IELTS Speaking Listening Reading Listening; TOEIC Preparation, TOEFL Preparation

Communication Courses: Basic English Skills, Conversation, Discussion, Debate, Assertiveness, Public Speaking.

Business English Classes & Career Training Programs Info

Business English definitions and explanations article

Business English Classes, Programs and Information

Private one-to-one Business English lessons for Executives

Intermediate & Advanced Business English for Careers

Study Business English and Industry Tour program

Business Skills and Internship Preparation Program for students

Beginner English for Career Training - Group Programs

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If you want to know everything about ESL in Canada here are links to: About US and the Overview of
Philosophy, Programs, Parameters and Projects.

You can see several sets of pictures of the ESL in Canada Korea English Camp pictures and South Korea English Camp Videos.

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ESL Education Articles

Link to the English Education Information Articles Page. We have some controversial topics such as: Blacklisted schools, teachers, agents, homestay and others.

New definition for English Language Conversation Skills, and English Vocabulary Learning Strategies and A History of English Grammar Instruction.

Link to Articles for Teachers such as: TESL, TEFL, TESOL, CELTA Training programs in Canada - The Dark Side of English Language Teaching Overseas - Introduction to University and Teaching Accreditation - Introduction to TPR - Accelerated Language Learning Strategies - Teaching Materials - English Literature Resources.

Link to the articles for ESL students page includes: grammar lessons and English vocabulary for Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Studies, History, Geography, Music, Art, Drama and Dance, E Business, Computers, investment, resumes and business.

The directory also contains "Education Business Articles" such as: Can your education agent honestly help You? - The War between Agents and Schools creates Education Wasteland - Examples of Marketing Costs and Risks.

By taking English Language and Academic Preparation for university and college classes, you can make the transition seamless by going to college with the basic knowledge and study skills the college and university professors expect.

"Accelerated English Language Learning" is a very broad term in language education and encompasses many different strategies, procedures, techniques, methodologies and approaches.

Accreditation is a validation statement by a group of persons who are, theoretically, impartial experts in higher education.

Prospective students should investigate the agent and agency before giving them any money.

Once upon a time there was a happy balance between the agents and the language schools. The agents provided admission services and translations and the schools taught the students.

Many people see a business plan as a projection that enables a business to look ahead and prepare for problems and opportunities.

Calgary Attractions and Events

Canada Study and Tour Information

The Canadian National Exhibition

Advice for students to be smart consumers. Most English School marketing programs are designed to sell international students on the wonders of foreign travel and benefits of learning English in a foreign country.

Link to the ESL English tests that students are preparing for include: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge CFA CPC CAE FCA, GMAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT, DSAT, CAEL, Cantest, college board, IH, AP, TSE, YLE, BULATS, ILEC, and Michigan exams.

Introduction to ESL English as a Second Language: descriptions, definitions and explanations

Referral of ESOL learners for LD should never happen!

Canada FAQS for students Frequently Asked Questions About Canada. This is a summary of the questions most often asked. Read this list first.

Frauds are created using false information or omitting certain factual details. Fraud can occur with one lie or a series of misrepresentations designed to deceive.

In the education business every teacher, tutor, seminar leader, education tour or activity leader, video, DVD, CD, book creator is a manufacturer.

How to Study English Plan to help students Learn English as a Second Language.

Maps offer ESL students with an excellent format for learning English. Students can learn and use both concrete and difficult abstract concepts when learning English with maps.

We expect a few more teaching positions for Canadian ESL teachers

How to score HIGH on the NEW TOEFL TOEIC, AP, Cambridge, IELTS English Tests

Students should ask questions to avoid problems and misunderstandings. Remember if your contract is not in writing then you may have no chance to change your school or program or get a refund.

The Sentence Master game helps students use phrases and clauses and practice their English vocabulary.

A Teacher's Story - True or not - who cares, How many times do we "misjudge" by appearance?

ESL Teacher Training in Canada

Web Resource Links for ESL English Teachers

Web Resources for English Literature

Teachers as Professional Baseball Players

News for ESL teachers in Canada

We have demonstrated that TPR can be applied as the major focus of language instruction or as an effective supplement.

This is a detailed description of skill levels that international students should have to be successful in an English language university.

Canada Student VISA Information Forms and Links Go directly to the Canadian government for student visa information.

The mathematicians that study language and have lots of computing power are forming English language databases. These databases can be used for machine language translation, formulas to rank collocation, most used priority word lists, word grouping tendencies and other linguistics research.

English Grammar Lessons for ESL Students

Introduction to English Parts of Speech - Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.

Introduction to English Language Sentence Structures includes subject and predicate, the four kinds of sentences: declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory.

Introduction to English Language Writing Punctuation includes apostrophe, hyphen, commas, periods, colons, semicolons, question marks, exclamation marks, dashes, quotation marks, parentheses and slashes.

Introduction to ESL English Language Verb Tenses includes: simple present, past and future; continuous present, past and future; perfect present, past and future; and the perfect continuous tenses

Introduction to ESL English Intermediate Sentence Structures includes noun phrases, verb phrases, adjectival phrases, adverbial phrases, prepositional phrases, gerundive phrases, participial phrases, absolute phrases, infinitive phrases, subordinate clauses, adverbial clauses, relative clauses, nominal clauses and independent clauses.

English Vocabulary Lists and Themes for ESL Students

Mathematics vocabulary is necessary for exchange students to succeed during an exchange program in the USA or Canada.

Science & Technology vocabulary is necessary for exchange students to succeed during an exchange program in the USA or Canada.

Social Studies, History and Geography vocabulary is necessary for exchange students to succeed during an exchange program in the USA or Canada.

Art vocabulary is necessary for exchange students to succeed during an exchange program in the USA or Canada.

Music Vocabulary for English Language Students

Drama and Dance Vocabulary for English Language Students

E business Vocabulary for Business English Language Students interested in e-commerce or studying internet business

Computer Protection Vocabulary for English Language Students who operate computers and require security against harmful software attacks

English Vocabulary for Fixed Income Investments for Business English students studying finance or investments.

Business Letter writing vocabulary for Business English Language Students

Resume Writing Vocabulary for Business English Language Students

Canada Travel Language and Culture Information

The ESL in Canada Directory has a City Guide of Canadian Cities such as: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa. The city guide lists the Provincial Ministry of Education, the City Boards of Education and local education information.

The directory also lists the overseas Canada Embassy, Consulates and High Commission locations to assist international students and visitors travel to Canada.

The directory also lists travel to Canada to study and tour information, maps, visa information with over 40 international country guides.

If you are in Canada and want to study overseas we have some information about Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan and Korea.

Canada Travel Language Culture "How to Articles"

Canada Shopping Articles for Food Clothes and Necessities
How to Shop -

Shopping Recommendations -

How to Shop for Food -

How to Shop for Winter Clothes -

How to Shop for Fitness -

How to Shop for Health Insurance -

Canada Coupon Information

Student Residences in Canada

How to Shop for Hostels -

How to Shop for Homestay -

Benefits of Homestay Tutors -

Why Buy a Student Residence

Electronics - to keep in contact with friends and family while traveling

How to Shop for Telephones -

How to Shop for Cellphones -

How to Shop for Internet Phones -

How to Shop for Long Distance Services -

How to Shop for Computers -

How to Shop for Internet Service provider

Canada Travel Information Articles and Advice

How to Shop for Car Rentals

How to Shop for Credit Cards

How to Shop for Immigration services

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