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In this semi-post-pandemic infected world online self-learning and online interactive classes are better than nothing.

One type of online self-learning is where the participant is alone and types or speaks reacting to questions, exercises, pronunciation drills etc.

There are online group classes that are interactive where all participants are watching a screen and using a camera to join any discussion, ask or answer questions.

All online self-learning lessons and interactive classes operate within the limits of the software, equipment, isp quality and user expertise.

An example of self-learning are the free Sentencemaster vocabulary exercises.

There are only three articles used in the English language: "a, an, the".
Select the correct article(s) to complete the sentence.
2. ___ children knew ___ faster way home.

For hundreds of FREE online self-learning ESL English language exercises go to: Sentencemaster Page Directory

Examples of online interactive classes can be found in the ESL in Canada Silver and Gold Programs.

SILVER Online Study Program

  1. Combination Group Internet and Phone English Program
  2. Individual English practice at home with internet lessons
  3. Individual phone English conversations with teacher.

GOLD Online Study Program (COVID limited Access)

Combination Internet, phone English and Class Program in Toronto

  1. In-person English pronunciation, conversation class once a week
  2. Individual English practice at home with internet written scripts
  3. Individual phone English conversations with teacher.

  4. You can email your questions to ESL in Canada.
  5. For the online English classes - Please use this ESL Registration Form

Costs for the online classes depend on software, equipment, technology and teaching expertise.

You can deal directly with teachers or through intermediaries (schools, platforms or publishers) that offer one-to-one or group classes.

Students as consumers should be aware that there are hundreds of free ESL self-learning resources available online. English students really do not have to pay for these free resources and should be using all of them.

Students as consumers can use our How to Choose a Language Tutor, Teacher or Trainer page to help select the best teacher, tutor or trainer. goto: How to Choose a Language Tutor, Teacher or Trainer

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Picture of Blueprint for English The Blueprint to English language grammar summary with practice word cards is designed for beginner and intermediate English Language students ages 5 to 100.

Blueprint to English is a 96 page cheat sheet with English grammar practices, procedures and examples.

The practice word cards will provide you with enough variety to practice forming millions of English sentences. The word cards are an excellent mnemonic memory aid for parts of speech, word functions and vocabulary.

Old communication was 90% oral and 10% writing. Modern communication is 40% oral, 40% writing and 20% video/graphics for most professions. Correct writing in English is mandatory.

Click on the book cover - Go to Lulu and buy a digital or paper version.
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