Examples of Marketing Costs and Risks

We can start 2022 by complaining about the many so-called international marketing organizations.

So far my experience is that the May 13-16 Toronto ICEF is/was a complete waste of time , effort and money.

(Their Words) ICEF is presented as an industry leader in educator-agent networking events, you are sure to benefit from attending if you are a student recruitment agency wishing to forge new connections in the Americas, or a service provider aiming to bring your offer to an eager market.

(MY Experience) - After 3 attempts to register as an agent we got this email back from ICEF ( still no phone call, event starts tomorrow)

I posted the event on my blog and the three Fam trips I wanted to take: Ridley College, Appleby College and Tamwood's new location.
ESL in Canada Blog story ICEF

Since there is no phone, no answer to my attempts to register, I can not see the 3 schools. Sorry schools, you paid a lot of $$$ and did not receive full benefit.

picture of ICEF email to Ross Mcbride picture of ICEF for Toronto May 13-16 event

Now if I was one of the 38 Education providers that spent $ 1950 British pounds for video links or $ 4950 British pounds to attend in person and found out that the AGENT Registration Form did not work and there are dozens or hundreds, maybe over a thousand agents unable to attend or find out what the schools are offering post-pandemic - I would be angry. I would feel cheated.

Examples of International Education Fairs

Many of the Foreign language schools go to semi-government education trade fairs to market their programs to foreign students. These fairs tend to be better operated but they are expensive. We are not endorsing them but will include some examples to provide an idea of the true cost of marketing to international students.(double prices post-pandemic)

Sao Paulo Fair - September 17-18,
Brazilia Fair - September 21,
Recife Fair - September 24,
Circuit Price: C$4200* (Price includes participation at fairs in all 3 cities. Price does not include cost of accommodation nor transportation between cities.) Sao Paulo Only: C$2900* (Space for this option is limited due to venue restrictions.)

Chandigarh Mini Fair - September 25, - C$1750*
New Delhi School Visits - September 27, - C$100* per participant
New Delhi Fair - September 28, - C$2700*
Bangalore Mini Fair - October 1, - C$1750*
Mumbai Fair - October 3, - C$2700

Toluca Mini Fair - September 27,
Puebla Mini Fair - September 29,
Veracruz Mini Fair - October 1,
Circuit Price: C$3500* (Price includes participation at fairs in all 3 cities and transportation between cities. Price does not include cost of accommodation.)

Kaohsiung Fair - October 7, - C$2100*
Taipei Fair - October 8-9, - C$3300*
Singapore Secondary School Forum - October 11, - C$2000*
Malaysia Secondary School Forum - October 13, - C$1800*
Seoul Fair - October 15, 2005 - C$2500*
Indonesia College Forum - October 20, - C$2000*
Hong Kong Fair - October 22-23, - C$3300*
Ho Chi Minh City Fair - October 26, - C$2400*
Hanoi Fair - October 29, - C$2300*
Chiangmai - November 3, - C$1800*
Bangkok Fair - November 5-6, - C$2700*

Dubai Fair - November 12, - C$2200*
Dubai School Visits - November 14, - C$300* per participant
Abu Dhabi School Visits - November 15, - C$300* per participant
Abu Dhabi Fair - November 16-18, 2005 - US$2970

Vancouver - November 20-22,
$799 + GST - Early Bird until June 30th
$849 + GST - Regular Fee after June 30th

Vancouver - November 23-24,
$3299 + GST - 1st participant
$1550 + GST - 2nd participant with separate agent appointments & e- Schedule

Sandefjord - January 16-17, - C$2500
Oslo - January 18-21, - C$3500
Oslo - January 23-24, - C$900* per individual participant

Surabaya Fair - February 3, - C$1500*
Jakarta Fair - February 4-5, - C$2600*
Bandung Fair - February 7, - C$1500*
Singapore Fair - February 10-11, - C$3000*
Kuala Lumpur Fair - February 12-13, - C$2900*
Penang Fair - February 15, - C$1800*

Moscow Fair - February 17-18, - C$3000*
St. Petersburg Fair - February 19-20, - C$2400*
Ankara Fair - February 22, - C$2500*
Istanbul Fair - February 25-26, - C$3000*

Mexico City Fair - February 18-19, - C$2600*
Monterrey Fair - February 21-22, - C$2600*
Guadalajara Fair - February 24-25, - C$2600*

Thailand Secondary School Forum - March 11, - C$2000*
Thailand Language-Sector Forum - March 12, - C$2000*
Vietnam Secondary School Forum - March 14, - C$2000*
Seoul Fair - March 18-19, - C$3300*
Taiwan Secondary School Forum - March 21, - C$2200*
Taiwan Language-Sector Forum - March 21, - C$2200*
Hong Kong Secondary School Forum - March 23, - C$2200*

Link to the Business Services registration form with list of services available

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