Education Articles about Canada

Information Articles for Students in Canada or Studying in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions about Canada will provide a good general base of information for students interested in Canada.

The articles for students are written to assist students with their travel visas, university, college, high school, career college, vocational training or language studies, travel, shopping selections, evaluations of products or services, culture, education books, DVD's, Videos, AudioTapes, C D's, internet education resources, academic websites and reference directories to assist students with their studies and living life in Canada, the USA or UK.

Information and ESL Study Articles for English Students

Study Articles for ESL English Students are written to assist students with their ESL English language studies. The English language skills to be studied include: grammar, vocabulary, conversation, listening, speaking, pronunciation, accent reduction, writing and reading skills.

Instructional formats for ESL English language learning include: instruction, instructions, lesson, lessons, training sessions, training internships, working internships, apprenticeships, student jobs, test preparation, lectures, workshops, seminars, free classes, standard class, language classes, academic preparation, coaching sessions, mentoring sessions and tutoring classes.

The ESL English and academic potential tests that students are preparing for include: toefl, toeic, ielts, cambridge, gmat, gre, sat, lsat, dsat, cael, college board, IH, CFA, CPC, AP, TSE, and Michigan exams.

Information articles include FAQS, travel tips, accommodation advice, school recommendations, study references, internet resources, free English lessons and other information to help students improve the quality of their studies and travel.

Articles for ESL English Teachers

Articles for ESL Teachers includes TESL, TEFL, CELTA, TESOL Teacher Training programs in Canada, Questions to ask yourself, the World has changed for ESL Teachers, introduction to Accreditation, introduction to TPR - Teaching Methodology, introduction to Accelerated Learning Strategies, ESL Web Teaching Resources and web Sites for ESL English Teachers and English Literature Resources and Web Sites for Teachers.

Articles for Business in the Education Industry

Articles for Businesses in the education industry. There are a wide range of service and product providers that can be classified as education businesses. Most of the educational businesses provide instruction, accommodation, learning materials, travel, or consulting.

The Business information articles cover business topics such as marketing expenses, competition, disputes, education standards and fraud.

How ESL in Canada Recommends Classes

ESL in Canada recommends both free and commercial ESL English classes for example: the FREE Toronto ESL Cafe English conversation classes, the free LINC classes for new Canadians, the free English classes at many libraries, the free classes at accredited TESL Teaching schools, and some excellent Board of Education continuing education classes that cost 2 or 3 dollars per instructional hour, a few English classes at excellent independent ESL schools that cost between 8 to 15 dollars per hour with their teachers and their programs and some excellent private ESL and Business English teachers that charge between 20 and 65 dollars per hour.

Link to registration information form for help with schools, programs or consulting

English Classes available in Toronto or Online

Toronto English Language Classes
English Study Program for speaking, listening, conversation, accent reduction designed for students with professional native English speaking instructors.

Executive English
Executive English - private classes or one-to-one with professional Business teachers

Business English for Career Professionals
Business English preparation course teaches in a professional and practical format.

Online English Study and Conversation Program
Online English Study Program for speaking, listening, conversation, accent reduction designed for students who cannot travel to study with professional native English speaking instructors.

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