How to Study for Schools in Canada

These articles are written to assist students with their studies in Canada.

The English language skills to be studied include: grammar, vocabulary, conversation, listening, speaking, pronunciation, accent reduction, writing and reading skills.

Instructional formats learning include: instruction, instructions, lesson, lessons, training sessions, training internships, working internships, apprenticeships, student jobs, test preparation, lectures, workshops, seminars, free classes, standard class, language classes, academic preparation, coaching sessions, mentoring sessions and tutoring classes.

The English tests that students are preparing for include: toefl, toeic, ielts, cambridge, gmat, gre, sat, lsat, dsat, cael, college board, IH, CFA, CPC, AP, TSE, and Michigan exams.

How to Study English Plan - Goals are your motivation. What do you wish to accomplish with English as a second language? Studying English requires thousands of hours of real effort - you need motivation and endurance to succeed.

Top 15 Goals for studying English as a second language

How international students can SCORE HIGH on NEW English tests.

First step in your plan to score high on a specific English test is to understand the test requirements. Is the test a written test only? Do you have to read a text? Do you have to listen to a conversation on tape? How much speaking is required? What type of questions will be asked? What type of answers are required? Students must understand how the English information is presented, what English skills are being tested, and how answers must be submitted.

Link to University Admission Standards for English Skills

To enter University in Canada, USA or the UK students require English levels and skills equivalent to (new) Level 4 OAC, LINK level 8, or PBT Toefl 550 and the graduate schools require PBT Toefl 600 or newer IBT standard. This is a detailed description of skill levels that international students should have to be successful in an English language university.

Link to English Language Tests in Canada Page

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