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ESL Teacher Training programs in Canada - There are a wide variety of certificate programs offered by universities, colleges, private schools, non-profit educational organizations, and fly-by-night paper mills.

True or not - who cares, How many times do we "misjudge" by appearance? A Teacher's story - you can make a difference.

Thinking of ESL Teaching? Questions to ask yourself - Good ESL teachers are patient at explaining things. Being comfortable with explaining content and context to students is an essential skill for teachers.

The World has changed for ESL Teachers - Some interesting "2018" facts for new ESL Teachers. The world has definitely changed since September 11, 2001.

Introduction to Accreditation - Accreditation is a validation statement by a group of persons who are, theoretically, impartial experts in higher education, that a given school, or department within a school, has been thoroughly investigated and found worthy of approval.

Introduction to TPR - Teaching Methodology by James Asher PHD - As instructors we give ourselves the advantage of using the right brain when we move about the classroom in our delivery of information. Movement of our body makes information flow from left to right and back again at lightning velocity.

Introduction to Accelerated Learning Strategies - While language is one of the most important products of human evolution, it uses only a few of the many skills and senses available to our minds.

Referral of ESOL learners for LD should NEVER happen! My view is that the referral of ESOL learners for LD should NEVER happen. There are three major reasons for that, the first two of which are deeply intertwined.

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English Grammar to the Rescue - Grammar has long been regarded as the result of centuries of logical improvements in the systematic organization of language. Grammar has been held up as one of the defining criteria elevating mankind above mere animals.

Teachers as Professional Baseball Players - It always amazes me to hear about "Teacher Performance Ratings" especially when you consider the criteria used, the questions asked, qualifications and or the agendas of the evaluators.

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Canada ESL English Language Schools Classes information
Free Language Exchange - Free English Class - Study English in Toronto

Canada Shopping Articles for Food Clothes and Necessities
How to Shop - Shopping Recommendations - How to Shop for Food - How to Shop for Winter Clothes - How to Shop for Fitness - How to Shop for Health Insurance - Canada Coupon Information

Student Residences in Canada
How to Shop for Hostels - How to Shop for Homestay - Benefits of Homestay Tutors - Why Buy a Student Residence

Electronics - to keep in contact with friends and family while traveling
How to Shop for Telephones - How to Shop for Cellphones - How to Shop for Internet Phones - How to Shop for Long Distance Services - How to Shop for Computers - How to Shop for Internet Service provider

Canada Travel Information Articles and Advice
How to Shop for Car Rentals - How to Shop for Credit Cards - Example Florida Tour for Students - How to Shop for Immigration services - Free Canada USA World Travel Brochures - Canada City Guide

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