Blacklists in Canada

Real Blacklists are lists of complaints of bad experiences by actual users.

Blacklists help consumers understand what can go wrong and what happens when criminals or incompetents help things to go wrong to increase profits or not provide services. Normally blacklists are not published - they are traded between groups with similar interests. Schools will trade information about bad teachers and bad agents to avoid hiring mistakes and losses. Agents will trade information about bad schools who do not pay and cheat the students. Students and parents will trade information about bad schools, bad teachers and bad agents. Teachers have blacklists of agents and schools that do not pay wages or provide proper visas or settlement services.

Blacklists have Problems

There are real blacklists and fake blacklists. Fake blacklists are used by criminals to extort money from good operators - the good school is put on a blacklist with several known criminal organizations and then told that the listing can be removed after a fee is paid.

Real blacklists can be compromised by fake users who publish wrong information. For Example: I witnessed a scam couple who stayed at a hotel for a week - then wrote a list of fake complaints and posted it on the Travel Advisor website - then they told the hotel owner that they would remove the fake review if he cancelled the hotel bill. My advice was to call the police and explain the attempted extortion. Usually the police will look at events or actions and evaluate if it justifies a criminal charge.

How to use a Blacklist

Just like everything in life you have to get as close as possible to the source of the information. If you can talk to the actual person - who made the comment or blacklist entry or review - then you have a better chance of evaluating how real the information is - how it applies to you or your situation and if this information should influence your plans.

YES - ESL in Canada has blacklists of schools, agents, teachers, homestay, service and product suppliers. You can add your actual experience to the blacklist or make a YouTube Video and send us the link.

Examples of How some were nominated to the Blacklist

This school was blacklisted: the school owner suggested to an 17 year old female student that she should live with him and that her school and living expenses would be fully paid in exchange for "favours".

This homestay was blacklisted: A single man presented a wife and child as a "family" to school coordinators - in reality he lived alone - female students complained of un-wanted touching.

This teacher on probation from an earlier warning - completely intoxicated - crashed a school social event - made direct sexual suggestions to a female student - the student fled to the women's washroom and waited until four male students expedited the drunk teachers departure.

This school told students that they were an international school with students from around the world - in reality all 63 students had the same native language.

Ontario Ministry Restraining Orders Lists of Fines, Violations Contraventions

There are several public lists of companies and individuals who have been convicted of criminal activity, fined for civil law violations or by-law infractions. These are similar to blacklists and many people use them as a source of information similar to blacklists.

The folowing are links to PCCs and English schools in Ontario who have been closed, stopped, fined or convicted of infractions.

Academy of Teaching and Training Inc. - Copy of RESTRAINING ORDER

CanPacific College of Business & English Inc. - Copy of Restraining Order

CLLC – Canadian Language Learning College Inc. - Copy of Restraining Order

International Language Academy of Canada Inc. Known as ILAC - NOTICE OF CONTRAVENTION

LSBF Canada Inc. known as London School of Business & Finance - Copy of Restraining Order

Oxford Seminars International Inc. - Copy of SECOND RESTRAINING ORDER

Quest Language Studies Corp. - Copy of Restraining Order

The Superintendent has ordered Seneca Groups Inc. o/a Crown Academic International School to stop


Complete list of PCC Private Career College Violations

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