Business English Teacher

Are you experiencing problems because of your English?

Do you find it difficult to speak English with your coworkers or your employer?

Do you translate in your mind from English into your native language and back?

Do you feel that others do not understand you?

Do people always ask you to repeat words or sentences?

Do you always ask your coworkers or boss to repeat words or sentences?

Do you say "yes" to everything even if you do not understand?

Are you afraid to answer the telephone or make a phone call?

Have you lost your confidence in your speaking or writing?

Do you wish to understand others better and be understood when you speak?

To start a program or have any questions- Please email: ESL in Canada

Business English Language Skills that I teach

  • Business English pronunciation and accent reduction
  • Business English conversation skills for informal talks
  • Listening skills including telephone skills
  • Business English reading comprehension and reading strategies
  • Formal and informal business English writing skills
  • Business English for interviews with customers, suppliers, employees
  • Cultural awareness for "Western Style" business
  • Business English for negotiations, discussions and explanations
  • Business English presentation skills, including public speaking
  • Business English idioms, slang, jargon and expressions
  • Business English for sales, marketing and promotions

Price for Traveling Overseas to Train or Teach

  • Travel, visas, meals, accommodation costs are extra
  • Overseas price is $1,000 Canadian dollars per week
  • To start an overseas program or have any questions- Please email: ESL in Canada
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Picture of Blueprint for English The Blueprint to English language grammar summary with practice word cards is designed for beginner and intermediate English Language students ages 5 to 100.

Blueprint to English is a 96 page cheat sheet with English grammar practices, procedures and examples.

The practice word cards will provide you with enough variety to practice forming millions of English sentences. The word cards are an excellent mnemonic memory aid for parts of speech, word functions and vocabulary.

Old communication was 90% oral and 10% writing. Modern communication is 40% oral, 40% writing and 20% video/graphics for most professions. Correct writing in English is mandatory.

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