Canada Tax Refunds

If you worked while in Canada you will have paid 13%-29% tax on your earnings.

The good news is you can claim all or part of this money back! We have teamed up with the tax refund specialist to help you get your refund.

The average Canadian tax refund is $904. The amount you get back will depend on how much you earned, how much tax you paid, your eligible deductions and what expenses you have incurred. Get a free tax refund estimation now!

How to apply?

Applying for your tax refund is easy. Simply register here and one of the taxback team will be able to assist you. provides a custom service for international workers and students in Canada. will transfer your refund into a bank account of your choice worldwide. So if you change address, continue traveling or return home you still get your tax refund! This service can save you the cost of currency conversion charges or transfer fees or foreign cheque cashing fees.

Benefits of Taxback

  • Free tax refund estimate
  • Maximum refund guaranteed
  • No complicated forms
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Bank transfer worldwide

Apply Now

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There are many people who have worked part-time as temporary or seasonal workers who qualify for tax refunds.

There are many international students who used work-study visas to work in Canada and qualify for tax refunds.

There are international professionals who using a work permit worked in Canada and qualify for tax refunds.

There are NAFTA professionals who worked in Canada, the USA or Mexico and may qualify for tax refunds in one or more jurisdictions.

If you are a school, employer or organization with workers with source deductions and would like the taxback service for your group - we can sign you up to work directly with taxback.

There are Canadians who worked overseas as teachers, NAFTA professionals, on sports teams and with corporations or organizations. You may qualify for a refund from that jurisdiction. Register and get a free estimate.

Do not let your staff, or students or members overpay their taxes

Let us help you help them!

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