2017 - 2018 Canada Tax Refunds

There are many people who have worked part-time as temporary or seasonal workers who qualify for tax refunds.

There are many international students who used work-study visas to work in Canada and qualify for tax refunds.

There are international professionals who using a work permit worked in Canada and qualify for tax refunds.

If you worked while in Canada you will have paid 13%-29% tax on your earnings.

The good news is you can claim all or part of this money back!

The amount you get back will depend on how much you earned, how much tax you paid, your eligible deductions and what expenses you have incurred.

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Doing your Canada Taxes

This page provides information on what you need to know to do your taxes. There are links in each section that will lead you to more information on that topic.

  1. Do you need to file a tax return?
  2. When is your 2017 tax return due?
  3. Do you need help doing your taxes?
  4. How to do your taxes
  5. When will you get your notice of assessment (NOA)?
  6. When will you get your refund?
  7. Do you owe money?
  8. Do you need to make changes to your tax return?

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