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School location is 100 kilometers from Beijing in a metropolitan city.

The Foreign Language Public High School was re-started in 1964 after the Cultural revolution.

The school started with 300 students and now has about 2,000 students.

The school teaches six major languages: English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish and Russian.

The teachers residence is located on the school grounds. Residences include bachelor apartments, one bedroom, and two bedrooms. Furnished teacher residences include cable TV, internet, telephone, refrigerator, gas top burners, microwave, air conditioner, tables and chairs and bedroom furniture.

The teacher's residences are near to two large shopping centers. One is a huge four-floor supermarket the other is a large department store. All local fruits, dairy, vegtables and meats can be purchased at the supermarket. Teachers can walk to this shopping area in ten minutes.

There are Walmart and Carefor Department stores located about 40 minutes by bus for most of the international imported products.

The public bus system stops right in front of the school gate. Movies are six bus stops away about 15 minutes from the residence. The large public park is also about 15 minutes away from the residence. A famous cultural area containing many antique stores is 30 minutes from the school.

The weather is very similar to Toronto with all four seasons however the winters are a little warmer.

This day school operates from 7:50 AM to 4:30 PM. Every student has a class schedule which includes breaks. All basic teaching occurs between 7:50 AM and 4:30 PM.

Regular teaching is based on a 25 hour, six day week schedule to average 100 hours per month. Overtime starts at hour 101.

There are two contract terms of either six or twelve months. The basic salary of 6,000 RMB per 100 hours is for the six month contract. Twelve months contracts pay 7,000 RMB for each 100 hour teaching month.

The six month contracts only covers accident insurance. The twelve month contracts include accident and standard Chinese Teachers health insurance. Holidays are the same as regular Chinese teachers and includes all national holidays.

Oneway Airfare is paid for six month contracts and return for twelve month contracts.

The cafeteria features Northern Chinese cuisine includes Chinese breads, chichen, pork, beef, fish, rice and soups and vegetarian meals. Teachers are given lunch coupons for any days teaching occurs in both morning and afternoon.

Teachers can take courses in Chinese language, history, culture and the arts. Sports facilities includes basketball, soccer, pingpong and jogging trails.

When in China teachers can travel and view 5,000 years of history and the fastest growing economy in the world.

Please use the Teacher Registration Form to apply. Please click this link to go to the teacher registration form.

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