Customer Service Training Programs

This program will prepare you for success in workplaces driven by customer relationships, providing a pathway to work in organizations such as restaurants, hotels, motels, clubs, pubs, cafes, coffee shops and retail stores. With this qualification, students will be able to specialize in areas such as accommodation services, food and beverage and retail, or put their diverse skills to support the needs of small businesses. Students will learn effective communication skills, how to manage conflict and handle customer complaints, how to work in a team, and how to build product and service knowledge in order to provide relevant information to customers.

Customer Service Training Programs

  • Develop a solid foundation in customer service skills and prepare for entry into the hospitality, tourism and travel industries.
  • Learn how to effectively build your product and service knowledge in order to provide relevant information to customers
  • Programs taught by industry professionals and highly-qualified instructors
  • Develop soft skills sought by today's employers, like effective communication, team-building, and collaboration.

Entry Requirements

  • Students who are interested in attending Customer Service Training Programs must have a secondary school diploma or equivalent (accepted secondary school diplomas must be from Canada or the USA); or be at least 18 years of age, and pass a superintendent approved qualifying test.
  • International students must demonstrate a Beginner 4 level of English with an online written test and interview. The online written test is exempt if CLB 4, IELTS 4 or ESL in Canada Beginner 4 is presented.
  • If an applicant fails to meet the minimum requirements, they cannot be waived by either the institution or the student.

Workplace Communication
In this workplace-centered course, students will develop communication skills for the workplace. Key workplace communication skills include gathering, conveying, and receiving information together with completing routine written correspondence.

Working Effectively with Others
In this course, students will develop teamwork skills for the workplace. The course covers topics like working in a group environment, promoting team commitment and cooperation, supporting team members and dealing effectively with issues, problems and conflict.

Basic IT Skills—Produce Word Processed Documents and Use Spreadsheets
In this course, students will learn how to correctly operate word processing applications to produce workplace documents. In this course, students will learn how to correctly create and use spreadsheets and charts through using industry-standard spreadsheet software.

Hospitality, Tourism & Travel Industry Information
In this course, students will gain the knowledge required to source and use current and emerging information on the hospitality, tourism and travel industry. Students will develop researcher skills in order to stay current on industry structure and technology issues. Personnel integrate this essential knowledge on a daily basis to work effectively in the industry.

Providing Information and Assistance
In this course, students will gain the knowledge required to provide customers with information and assistance on facilities, products and services. They will learn how to identify customer needs and how to build their knowledge base in order to provide relevant and helpful information.

Customer Interaction
In this course, students will gain the knowledge required to deliver a fundamental customer service to both internal and external customers. Good customer service requires the ability to greet and serve customers and to respond effectively to customer service enquiries including routine customer problems.

Job Search Preparation
In this course, students will prepare to take their new skills and knowledge into the job market. Students will focus on defining their future goals and career aspirations, and will learn how to write effective resumés and cover letters, interview basics, and what employers are looking for. Students will complete the course feeling prepared to find work in their new field.

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