How to Shop for Fitness Clubs in Canada

My regular daily fitness routine at home includes a bike ride to and from work and going to the gym four times a week. When I travel - my regular daily routine is changed. When I travel I eat more prepared foods at restaurants which means more salt, sugar and starch in my diet. Yes I get fat when I travel.

When I travel in North America I always look for gyms so that I can help reduce the extra weight from the restaurant food. If you travel to Canada or USA for one month to one year - my suggestion is to find a good local gym to help keep your weight at your regular level. These recommendations will assist you when making fitness club purchase decisions in Canada or the USA.

Fitness clubs can be found in all shapes and sizes and offering a wide range of services.

Regular fitness gyms consist of free weights and machines for resistance training and step, treadmill, bike and rowing cardio equipment for aerobic exercise. The larger facility fitness clubs offer a wider range of cardio training such as group exercise classes, pools for swimming laps and running tracks.

Full fitness clubs offer several complete lines of training equipment such as Nautalis, Bally, Hammer, Lifefitness, group exercise classes which include weight training, step, yoga, pilates, spinning and high/low cardio cross training.

Some fitness clubs overlap with sports training and offer classes in running, boxing, mixed martial arts, sports conditioning training, strength flexibility and endurance training for sports participation.

Some fitness clubs overlap with spa and esthetic services and offer a variety of massage, stress reduction, skin, hair and cosmetic services.

Some fitness clubs overlap with restaurant diet and nutrition services and offer special fitness oriented snacks, meals, diet products, meal replacement, energy supplements and sit-down have a full meal facilities.

Some fitness clubs are networking locations and offer access to medical specialists, dietitians, spas, a variety of therapists and supplies that may be required by the members.

There are huge international and national fitness chains with locations right across North America. Some of these clubs have completely computerized systems that can tell you date, time, and location of your workouts. There are mom and pop fitness clubs with one location, no computers, old equipment and no group classes.

When choosing your fitness club the main considerations should be:
location, price, availability, equipment, classes, range of services and club atmosphere.

You must ask yourself some questions about the fitness club

Is the club clean and well maintained?

Is the club too busy at the time I want to work out?

Is qualified help available?

is the fitness club staff nice and helpful?

Can I see myself working out here at this club in 2 months, 6 months and one year.

How to Obtain the Best Fitness Clubs Prices

There are regular cycles for price specials for fitness gyms. There are always "back-to-school" specials in August, Christmas specials for New Year's Resolutions, and "get-ready-for-summer" spring specials. These specials can range from 10 to 50% off of the regular annual price.

If you are a student or company employee find out if there is an existing discount price for you. If there is no existing plan - ask other students or employees if they are interested in a gym membership. The gyms will offer 25 to 50% off the regular price if you organize a small group of 4 to 10 new members.

There are social media based discount companies like Group-on and Living Social that offer huge discounts on various products and services. Look for these specials at the gyms.

Once you have found the gym with the best location and facilities for you - then just look for the best method of obtaining the best price.

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