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Fredericton is the capital city of New Brunswick. Fredericton is situated in the west-central portion of the province along the Saint John River, which flows west to east as it bisects the city. Fredericton had a population of 58,220 in the 2016 Canadian Census and is the third-largest city in the province after Moncton and Saint John.

Fredericton is home to cultural institutions such as the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the Fredericton Region Museum, and The Playhouse, a performing arts venue. The city hosts the annual Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, attracting regional and international jazz, blues, rock, and world artists. Fredericton is home to some great historical Canadian painters as well, including Goodridge Roberts, and Molly and Bruno Bobak.

As a provincial capital, its economy is tied to the public sector; however, the city also contains a growing IT and commercial sector.

New Brunswick Department of Education, Elementary and Secondary High Schools

Place 2000, 250 King St, Fredericton Telephone: (506) 453-3678

The Minister shall provide free school privileges under the Education Act for every person who is of school age and who has not graduated from high school, and is a resident of the Province. If a student does not fall into these categories, then international student fees apply. International students are required to pay a tuition fee in order to attend a New Brunswick public school.

The New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is committed to providing inclusive environments where learners develop the social and academic language needed to enable them to be socially confident, academically ready, independent users of English who are recognized for their unique identities and strengths.

English Language development is facilitated through intentional ESL instruction and transparent assessment that promotes learner autonomy and agency. English Language learning is an interactional process, wherein knowledge is co-constructed, and ideas, perspectives and experiences from a variety of sources are valued.

Fredericton Board of Education, Elementary and Secondary High Schools

Anglophone School District Information
Superintendent: David McTimoney
Address: 1135 Prospect Street Fredericton Telephone: (506) 453-5454

St. Thomas University

Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, St. Thomas University is a small, primarily undergraduate university dedicated to excellence in liberal arts education. More than 30 Bachelor of Arts programs are offered in the humanities and social sciences such as Psychology, English, Political Science, and Fine Arts, and more unique programs: Communications and Public Policy, Criminology, Gerontology, Human Rights and Journalism.

St. Thomas offers a unique English as a Second Language (ESL) program for students whose level of English proficiency is not high enough to pursue regular studies at an English-language university. To be eligible for this program, students must have TOEFL scores between 61 and 89, IELTS 5.0 and 6.5, or the equivalent on other tests. A combination of ESL courses and adapted courses in other disciplines enables students to achieve the level of proficiency in English necessary to be successful in regular university studies. All of the courses that students take in the ESL program carry academic credit. A personal approach guides the ESL curriculum. Every student who has not yet fully mastered English is tested through an oral interview, a vocabulary and grammar test, and an essay assignment. Based on the results of these tests, an individualized curriculum is developed for each student suitable for his or her level. The curriculum will be challenging, but not overwhelming.

University of NewBrunswick

The University of New Brunswick is a public university with two primary campuses in Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick. It is the oldest English-language university in Canada, and among the oldest public universities in North America. Academic Programs include: Applied Arts, Applied Management, Arts, Business, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Environment and Natural Resources, Forestry, Health, Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Law, Leadership Studies, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Recreation and Sport Studies, Science, Software Engineering.

AESL1011 - English as a Second Language for Academic Purposes - A practical course in the written and spoken use of language designed to meet the requirements of students whose first language is not English. Students are placed in groups based on placement testing results, subsequent interviews and in-class assessment procedures. Specialized curriculum is designed and delivered according to the needs of the students as assessed at the beginning of each term. Students may enroll in both AESL 1011 and AESL 1012 as they are not sequential in nature. Students are required to use only English during each three-hour class period.

AESL2011 - Exploration of Literary English for Non-Anglophones - More advanced than AESL 1011 and AESL 1012. Exclusively for students whose first language is not English. Encompasses examination of prose and poetry, and extensive composition. Emphasis is given to consideration of sophisticated English expression. Each student’s level of proficiency is determined through testing, subsequent interviews and in-class assessment procedures. Students may enroll in both AESL 2011 and AESL 2012 as they are not sequential in nature.

Fredericton Colleges

Fredericton Career and Skills Training Organizations

the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

Fredericton Language Schools

Fredericton Homestay

Fredericton Education Consultants, Agents, Services

Fredericton Teachers and Tutors

Fredericton Community Organizations

Fredericton Immigration, Settlement, LINC Services

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English Language Grammar Lessons - Introducing the Eight Parts of Speech

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