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SPECIAL Group Price for Business English

Business English for Groups is for employees, clubs, interest groups, associations who require intermediate and advanced Business English provided for small groups (4 to 12) in Canada or overseas.

Groups are given free English language skill level assessments. Groups can study 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 4 weeks The programs are designed to be 25 hours each week with additional field trips and location tours. Field trips help immerse students into business life and business situations in the English speaking workplace.

ESL English Business Classes Discount Prices, group price discounts, tuition discounts, tuition reductions and SPECIAL GROUP prices are available.

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Canada Study and Tour Programs

The Study and Tour Program begins with Pre-Tour English instruction for a special purpose. The program participants will be provided with the vocabulary, definitions, history and culture of the Canada locations, events and activities. The pre-tour English instruction will prepare tour participants to understand and communicate in English during the Canada events and tours.

This Study Tour group program (for 10 to 250 participants) consists of interchangeable tours, study programs and event attendance. This allows the study tour participants maximum flexibility for price, time or location considerations.

This Study Tour group program can be structured for any industry group: media, manufacturing, law, accounting, education, government, mining, oil and gas, forestry, hydro sun or wind power generation, transportation, medicine, dentistry, fitness or any niche market place for technology transfers, education, sales or joint ventures.

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English for Career Training Group Programs

The ESL 100 and ESL 200 group programs are designed for 5 to 15 students, adults or employees interested in professional education and careers in administration, IT, computers, health, energy and business in the English-speaking business community.

The ESL 100 and ESL 200 curriculum includes skills training, grammar instruction, communication techniques, in an environment of professional interaction and stimulating work-related activities.

The ESL 100 and ESL 200 content is a blend of English as a second language, English for Business and English for special purpose. Students will learn English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and definitions using actual career training terminology, instruction manuals, trade and industry publications, industry text books, tests and exams, business forms and correspondence.

The ESL 100 and ESL 200 integrated classes are structured. The first listening and reading classes concentrates on comprehension skills. The second integrated class concentrates on writing skills. The third integrated class concentrates on speaking skills.

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Teacher Tour Leader Program

The teacher tour program is a combination of travel, using situations and locations to teach English and educational content. The teacher tour program is excellent for adults to learn English vocabulary and practice speaking with a wide variety of native English speakers. The teacher tour program is excellent for teaching students. The students are exposed to a large and varied input of sights and sounds and this keeps them learning more and avoids boredom. Students who are excited and engaged in the learning process - learn more and perform better in tests and using the English language in real live situations.

We can arrange for a family or group or class to travel and tour Canada and the USA with a teacher and learn about the many locations, history and geography, language and culture while travelling.

Our goal is to have the English students who are studying and traveling to Canada to have the best experience of their life. We want them to improve all the English skills and be able to use them.

We want the students to have fun, meet new international friends, have a wonderful tour of Canada and Canadian culture. We want students to come back to Canada with new locations and participate in new tours that become available in other exciting parts of the world.

We want the international tour leaders to have a good experience with this program. Many international English teachers have student loans, low wages and high expenses preventing them from being able to travel to join English immersion programs. The tour leader program can help these teachers finance their overseas professional development and teacher training.

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2022 Toronto Study Tours

The 2022 Toronto Study Tours will operate based on accomodation availability.

We require eight students to operate a class and tour

ESL in Canada has made arrangements for special ESL English classes to operate at some of the attractions and events to supplement the in-class English school lessons.

This Toronto Study Tours program is open to schools, international groups, companies, youth organizations and tour leaders who wish to travel to Canada with their students.

Participants can choose programs from 1 to 4 weeks. The listed planned events can be switched or altered to accommodate bad weather or to attend extra special events.

Instruction, activity and tour days can vary from 12 to 14 hours.

Dorm rooms are available, singles, doubles, and quads.

Meals can be supplied at the student dormitory

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Picture of Blueprint for English The Blueprint to English language grammar summary with practice word cards is designed for beginner and intermediate English Language students ages 5 to 100.

Blueprint to English is a 96 page cheat sheet with English grammar practices, procedures and examples.

The practice word cards will provide you with enough variety to practice forming millions of English sentences. The word cards are an excellent mnemonic memory aid for parts of speech, word functions and vocabulary.

Old communication was 90% oral and 10% writing. Modern communication is 40% oral, 40% writing and 20% video/graphics for most professions. Correct writing in English is mandatory.

Click on the book cover - Go to Lulu and buy a digital or paper version.
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