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High School Curriculum Departments

The Arts - Business Studies - Canadian and World Studies - Classical and International Languages - Computer Studies - English - English As a Second Language and English Literacy Development - French As a Second Language - Guidance and Career Education - Health and Physical Education - Interdisciplinary Studies - Mathematics - Native Languages - Native Studies - Program Planning and Assessment - Science - Social Sciences and Humanities - Technological Education -

Example list of High School Subjects to Study to complete the form above.

The Arts

ADA4O Dramatic Arts - Codes - ADA1O -ADA2O -ADA3M - ADA3O -ADA4M
Options for grades 9-12: ADD-Dramatic Arts Production - ADC-Drama in the Community - ADB-Dramatic Arts Music Theatre - ADV Dramatic Arts Film/Video
Options for grades 11-12: ADF Director's Craft - ADG Dramatic Arts Acting - ADP Dramatic Arts - Theatre Development - ADT Dramatic Arts - Canadian Theatre

Codes - ALC1O Comprehensive Arts AMU1O -AMU2O -AMU3M -AMU3O - AMU4M
Options for grades 9-12: AMB Instrumental Music - Brass -AMC Music for Creating -AMD Electronic Music AME Small Ensemble -AMG Guitar Music -AMH Stage-Band Music -AMI Instrumental Music Band - AMJ Vocal Jazz -AMK Keyboard Music -AMM Music and Computers -AMO Instrumental Music Orchestra - AMP Instrumental Music Percussion -AMQ Steel Drum Music -AMR Repertoire -AMS Instrumental Music Strings - AMT Music Theatre -AMV Music Vocal/Choral -AMW Music Woodwinds

AEA4O Exploring the Arts - Codes - ATC1O -ATC2O -ATC3M -ATC3O -ATC4M
Options for grades 9-12: ATB Dance - Ballet ATD Dance - Composition ATE Dance - Northern European/Asian ATF Dance - African ATG Dance - English/Irish/Scottish ATH Dance - History Development ATI Dance - Indian/South Central Asian ATJ Dance - Jazz ATK Dance - Caribbean ATL Dance - Central and South American ATM Dance - Modern ATN Dance - Native (North American) ATO Dance - Pacific Rim/Asian ATP Dance - Performance Practice ATR Dance - Ballroom ATS Dance - Social and Contemporay ATT Dance - Tap ATU Dance - Music Theatre ATW Dance - Mediterranean/Middle Eastern ATX Dance - French

Visual Arts -codes - AVI1O -AVI2O -AVI3M - AVI3O - AVI4M Visual Arts
Options for grades 9-12: AWA Visual Arts - Crafts General -AWB Visual Arts - Textiles -AWC Visual Arts - Ceramics - AWD Visual Arts - Applied Design -AWE Visual Arts - Information/Consumer Design -AWF Visual Arts - Industrial Design - AWG Visual Arts - Environmental Design -AWH Visual Arts - Interior Design -AWI Visual Arts - Fashion Design - AWJ Visual Arts - Stage Design -AWK Visual Arts - Illustration -AWL Visual Arts - Drawing - AWM Visual Arts - Drawing and Painting -AWN Visual Arts - Painting -AWO Visual Arts - Printmaking - AWP Visual Arts - Sculpture -AWQ Visual Arts - Photography -AWR Visual Arts - Film/Video - AWS Visual Arts - Computer -AWT Visual Arts - Non-Traditional -AWU Visual Arts - Art History

Business Studies

BBI2O Introduction to Business - BTT2O Introduction to Information Technology in Business - BAF3M Introduction to Financial Accounting - BAI3E Introduction to Accounting - BAT4M Principles of Financial Accounting -BAN4E Accounting for a Small Business - BBB4M Introduction to International Business - BBB4E Introduction to International Business - BDI3C Introduction to Entrepreneurial Studies - BDP3O The Enterprising Person - BDV4C Entrepreneurial Studies: Venture Planning - BMI3C Introduction to Marketing - BMX3E Introduction to Retail and Services Marketing - BOH4M Organizational Studies: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources - BOG4E Organizational Studies: Managing a Small Business - BTA3O Information Technology Applications in Business - BTX4C Information Technology in Business - BTX4E Information Technology in Business

Canadian and World Studies

CGC1D Geography of Canada - CGC1P Geography of Canada CGD3M The Americas: Geography Patterns and Issues - CGF3M Physical Geography: Patterns, Processes, and Interactions - CGT3E Geographics: The Geographer's Toolkit - CGG3O Regional Geography: Travel and Tourism - CGW4U Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis - CGU4U World Geography: Human Patterns and Interactions - CGR4M The Environment and Resource Management - CGO4M Geomatics: Geotechnologies in Action - CGU4C World Geography: Urban Patterns and Interactions - CGR4E Environment and Resource Management - CHC2D Canadian History in the 20th century - CHC2P Canadian History in the 20th century - CHV2O Civics (0.5 credit) - CHA3U American History - CHW3M World History to the Sixteenth Century - CHH3C Canadian History and Politics Since 1945 - CHH3E Canadian History and Politics Since 1945 - CHT3O Twentieth-Century History: Global and Regional Perspectives - CHI4U Canada: History, Identity, and Culture - CHY4U World History: The West and the World - CHY4C World History: The West and the World - CHM4E Adventures in World History - CIE3M The Individual and the Economy - CIC3E Making Economic Choices - CIA4U Analysing Current Economic Issues - CLU3M Understanding Canadian Law -CLU3E Understanding Canadian Law - CLN4U Canadian and International Law - CPC3O Canadian Politics and Citizenship - CPW4U Canadian and World Politics


ELS3O Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing - EMS3O Media Studies - EPS3O Presentation and Speaking Skills - ETC3M Canadian Literature - EBT4O Communication in the World of Business and Technology - ETS4U Studies in Literature - ETS4C Studies in Literature - EWC4U The Writer's Craft - EWC4C The Writer's Craft

English Literacy Development

ELDAO Beginning Literacy - ELDBO Basic Literacy Skills - ELDCO Literacy in Daily Life - ELDDO Literacy for School and Work - OLC4O Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course

English As Second Language

ESLAO Beginning Communication in English - ESLBO English in Daily Life - ESLCO English for School and Work - ESLDO Study Skills in English - ESLEO Bridge to English

Guidance and Career Education

GLE1O Learning Strategies: Skills for Success in Secondary Schools - GLE2O Learning Strategies - GLE3O Advanced Learning Strategies: Skills for Success After Secondary Schools - GLE4O Advanced Learning Strategies: Skills for Success After Secondary Schools

Health and Physical Education

Codes -PPL1O -PPL2O PPL3O PPL4O Healthy Active Living Education PSE4U Exercise Science - PLF4C Recreation and Fitness Leadership - PPZ3O Health for Life
Options for grades 9-12: PAF Personal and Fitness Activities - PAL Large Group Activities - PAI Individual and Small Group Activities - PAQ Aquatics - PAR Rhythm and Movement - PAD Outdoor Activities

Classical Languages

LVGAD Ancient Greek - LVGBU Ancient Greek - LVGCU Ancient Greek - LVLAD Latin - LVLBU Latin - LVLCU Latin - LVV4U Classical Civilization

International Languages

LBA Albanian -LBL Albanian -LYA Arabic -LYB Arabic -LYR Armenian -LYM Armenian -LDA Ashanti -LDH Ashanti - LYS Assyrian -LYY Assyrian -LPB Bahasa Malaysian -LPC Bahasa Malaysian -LIB Bengali -LIN Bengali -LBO Bosnian - LBP Bosnian -LBB Bulgarian -LBU Bulgarian -LKC Cantonese -LKD Cantonese -LBC Croatian -LBD Croatian LRC Czech -LRT Czech -LLD Danish -LLA Danish -LYD Dari -LYE Dari -LDD Dinka -LDK Dinka -LWD Dutch -LWH Dutch - LLE Estonian -LLH Estonian -LYF Farsi -LYG Farsi -LLF Finnish -LLG Finnish -LWC Gaelic -LWF Gaelic -LWG German - LWA German -LBG Greek -LBH Greek -LIG Gujarati -LIJ Gujarati -LCC Haitian-Creole -LCD Haitian-Creole -LYH Hebrew - LYI Hebrew -LIH Hindi -LII Hindi -LPH Hmong -LPG Hmong -LRH Hungarian -LRG Hungarian -LDI Ibo -LDE Ibo - LLI Icelandic -LLC Icelandic -LWI Italian -LWJ Italian -LKJ Japanese -LKI Japanese -LPK Khmer -LPF Khmer - LKK Korean -LKO Korean -LYK Kurdish -LYL Kurdish -LPL Lao -LPA Lao -LLL Latvian -LLV Latvian -LIL Lisane Dawat - LID Lisane Dawat -LLT Lithuanian -LLU Lithuanian -LBM Macedonian -LBN Macedonian -LIA Malayalam -LIY Malayalam - LBJ Maltese -LBK Maltese -LIM Marathi -LIR Marathi -LPM Mien -LPE Mien -LKN Nepali -LKP Nepali -LLN Norwegian - LLO Norwegian -LPP Pilipino -LPQ Pilipino -LRP Polish -LRQ Polish -LWP Portuguese -LWO Portuguese -LIP Punjabi - LIQ Punjabi -LYP Pushtu -LYQ Pushtu -LRO Romanian -LRM Romanian -LRR Russian -LRZ Russian -LBS Serbian -LBE Serbian - LBR Serbo-Croatian -LBX Serbo-Croatian -LKB Simplified Chinese -LKE Simplified Chinese -LIS Sinhalese -LIC Sinhalese - LRS Slovak -LRL Slovak -LBV Slovenian -LBW Slovenian -LDM Somali -LDL Somali -LWS Spanish -LWE Spanish -LDS Swahili - LDW Swahili -LLS Swedish -LLW Swedish -LDT Tamazight -LDZ Tamazight -LIT Tamil -LIK Tamil -LIE Telugu -LIF Telugu - LPT Thai -LPU Thai -LKM Traditional Chinese (Mandarin) -LKA Traditional Chinese (Mandarin) -LYT Turkish -LYU Turkish - LRU Ukrainian -LRW Ukrainian -LIU Urdu -LIO Urdu -LPV Vietnamese -LPW Vietnamese -LWY Yiddish -LWW Yiddish -LDY Yoruba - LDO Yoruba


MHF4U Advanced Functions - MCB4U Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus - MCV4U Calculus and Vectors - MCF3M Functions - MCR3U Functions and Relations - MPM1D Principles of Mathematics - MFM1P Foundations of Mathematics - MPM1H Mathematics Transfer, Grade 9, Applied to Academic - MPM2D Principles of Mathematics - MFM2P Foundations of Mathematics - MAP4C College and Apprenticeship Mathematics - MBF3C Mathematics of Personal Finance - MCT4C Mathematics for College Technology - MDM4U Mathematics of Data Management - MEL3E Mathematics for Everyday Life - MEL4E Mathematics for Everyday Life - MGA4U Geometry and Discrete Mathematics


SBI3U Biology - SBI3C Biology - SBI4U Biology - SCH3U Chemistry - SCH4U Chemistry - SCH4C Chemistry - SPH3U Physics - SPH4U Physics - SPH4C Physics - SES4U Earth and Space Science

Social Sciences and the Humanities

HFN1O or HFN2O Food and Nutrition - HFA4M Food and Nutrition Sciences - HIF1O or HIF2O Individual and Family Living - HHG4M Issues in Human Growth and Development - HHS4M Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society - HIP3E Managing Personal Resources - HIR3C Managing Personal and Family Resources - HLS3O Living Spaces and Shelter - HNC3O Fashion and Creative Expression - HNB4O The Fashion Industry - HPC3O Parenting - HPD4E Parenting and Human Development - HPW3C Living and Working with Children - HSP3M Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology - HSB4M Challenge and Change in Society - HZB3O Philosophy: The Big Questions - HZT4U Philosophy: Questions and Theories - HRE1O Religious Education - HRE2O Religious Education

Technological Education

TCJ Construction Technology - TDJ Technological Design - TFJ Hospitality and Tourism Technology - TGJ Communications Technology - TMJ Manufacturing Technology - TPJ Health and Personal Services Technology - TTJ Transportation Technology

Computer Studies

TIK2O Computer and Information Science - TEE2O Computer Engineering Technology - ICE3M Computer Engineering - ICE3E Computer Engineering - ICE4M Computer Engineering - ICE4E Computer Engineering - ICS3M Computer and Information Science - ICS4M Computer and Information Science

Regional Lists of Canadian Cities

List of all Canadian Regions and Cities

List of Arctic and Prairie Cities
Includes: Regina, Winnipeg, Whitehorse, Yellowknife

Link to Complete list of Alberta and British Columbia Cities
Includes: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria

Link to Complete list of Eastern Canada Cities
Includes: Antigonish, Charlottetown, Halifax, Montreal, Quebec City, Saint John NB, St. John's NFLD

Link to Complete list of Ontario Cities
Includes: Hamilton, London, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor

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Blueprint to English is a 96 page cheat sheet with English grammar practices, procedures and examples.

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Old communication was 90% oral and 10% writing. Modern communication is 40% oral, 40% writing and 20% video/graphics for most professions. Correct writing in English is mandatory.

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