How to Shop for Immigration Services

The first task is to choose a program from the wide range of Canadian immigration services.

The Citizenship Program receives and processes applications for Canadian citizenship and grants Canadian citizenship to successful applicants.

The Host Program helps new permanent Canadian residents, refugees and protected persons adjust to life in Canada by matching them with Canadian volunteers who will assist them to carry out day to day functions in Canada.

The Permanent Resident Program provides information on immigrating to Canada and applying for Canadian permanent resident status. The Permanent Resident (PR) Card program issues PR Cards to permanent residents of Canada. The PR card holders must present this card when traveling by commercial carrier when traveling back into Canada.

The Resettlement Assistance Program helps individuals resettle in Canada by providing financial assistance and covers the costs of accommodations, essential clothing, household effects and other living expenses.

The Study Permits Program issues study permits (formerly "student authorizations") to eligible foreign students and provides information on the study permits application process.

The Temporary Resident Visa Program issues temporary resident visas either single entry visas or multiple entry visas and transit visas to eligible individuals and provides information on the Temporary Resident Visa Program application process.

The Travel Documents Program issues travel documents to individuals who have status in Canada. The Travel Documents Program also issues certificates of identity to legally landed persons.

The Work Permits Program issues work permits to eligible foreign workers who wish to work temporarily in Canada, provides information on the work permit application process, and issues visitor records for business visitors to Canada.

The second task is to apply yourself or choose to use an unpaid or paid representative.

The paid representatives must have both federal and provincial licenses and have to be in good standing with either the Canadian provincial or territorial law society, the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, or the Chambre des notaires du Québec.

The third task is to assemble and complete the correct application forms for the Canadian immigration program that you have chosen. You can do this yourself or use a representative to assist in the form completion process. You must submit application fees in advance to the Canadian government according to the CIC fee schedule before any processing occurs.

The fourth task is to plan for the move to Canada - where to live - get a job - school for the kids - plan for banking - shopping - transportation and many more activities.

For additional immigration information use this information request form

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