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Welcome to the "ESL" = English as a Second Language in Canada Directory

The ESL in Canada Directory helps students, visitors and new Canadians to study, learn and use ESL "English as a Second Language" for communication with English speakers for school, work and personal interests.

The ESL in Canada Directory of English as a Second Language lists education schools, classes, programs, teachers, education articles services information and advice.

We are organizing the ESL in Canada pages into responsive formats for mobile users. Link to ESL in Canada Directory Mobile Index. You can email us for additional information at: eslincanada (at) gmail (dot) com.

How to Register into Canada Schools

This is the link to the Step by Step School Registration Information Process and a list of registration forms for Schools in Canada. You can also go directly to the Canada School Information Request Form or the ESL English Schools Information Request Form or the Canada School Registration Page or the Homestay Registration Form or the Language Exchange Registration Form.

Links to Canada Schools and Classes

You can go to the list of Canada public education schools: Canadian Universities, Canadian Colleges, Government Education Programs, which includes High School and Ontario OAC Credits Information.

The ESL in Canada Directory contains lists of: Private English Teachers for ESL, English, Business and Communication classes, private English Schools, LINC Programs, Toronto English Classes, Career College Programs, Online English classes and homestay tutoring programs.

For Business English one-to-one or corporate training go to: Toronto Business English Tutor

ESL Education Services

Go here to read more about homestay accommodation for international students. Students can use the Homestay Registration Form for homestay with a Canadian homestay family.

The directory also contains: career and educational consulting, coaching and guidance for students and teachers. Mentors amy provide the best education and advice. ESL in Canada is currently assembling lists of education agents with qualifications and experience placing students in Canadian schools.

ESL Education Articles

Link to the English Education Information Articles Page. We have some controversial topics such as: Blacklisted schools, teachers, agents, homestay and others. New definition for English Language Conversation Skills, and English Vocabulary Learning Strategies and A History of English Grammar Instruction. This is the link to standard English Tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and the Cambridge English language exams.

Link to Articles for Teachers such as: TESL, TEFL, TESOL, CELTA Training programs in Canada - The Dark Side of English Language Teaching Overseas - Introduction to University and Teaching Accreditation - Introduction to TPR - Accelerated Language Learning Strategies - Teaching Materials - English Literature Resources.

Link to the articles for ESL students page includes: grammar lessons and English vocabulary for Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Studies, History, Geography, Music, Art, Drama and Dance, E Business, Computers, investment, resumes and business.

ESL Education Resources

Links to education resources such as: ESL English Books DVD's Videos AudioTapes CD's, and Internet Phones, and Free Canada and USA Travel Brochures. If you are in Canada and want to write a test then use the Prometric Test Services.

Education Jobs in Canada information includes: Teacher Tour Program, Homestay Tutors, ESL English Teaching, Education Coaches and Mentors.

Getting Started as an ESL Teacher with ESL Teacher Training in Canada and TESL Teacher Training in Toronto

Canada Travel Language and Culture Information

The ESL in Canada Directory has a City Guide of Canadian Cities such as: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa. The city guide lists the Provincial Ministry of Education, the City Boards of Education and local education information.

The directory also lists the overseas Canada Embassy, Consulates and High Commission locations to assist international students and visitors travel to Canada. The directory also lists travel to Canada to study and tour information, maps, visa information with over 40 international country guides.

If you are in Canada and want to study overseas we have study abroad information about Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan and Korea.

Canada Travel Language Culture "How to Articles"

Canada ESL English Language Schools Classes information
Free Language Exchange - Free English Class - How to Study for Schools in Canada - Study English in Toronto

Canada Shopping Articles for Food Clothes and Necessities
How to Shop - Shopping Recommendations - How to Shop for Food - How to Shop for Winter Clothes - How to Shop for Fitness - How to Shop for Health Insurance - Canada Coupon Information

Student Residences in Canada
How to Shop for Hostels - How to Shop for Homestay - Benefits of Homestay Tutors - Why Buy a Student Residence

Electronics - to keep in contact with friends and family while traveling
How to Shop for Telephones - How to Shop for Cellphones - How to Shop for Internet Phones - How to Shop for Long Distance Services - How to Shop for Computers - How to Shop for Internet Service provider

Canada Travel Information Articles and Advice
How to Shop for Car Rentals - How to Shop for Credit Cards - Example Florida Tour for Students - How to Shop for Immigration services - Free Canada USA World Travel Brochures - Canada City Guide

Major Cities in Canada

Saint John NB - Calgary - Edmonton - Halifax - St. John's NFLD - Charlottetown - Toronto - Ottawa - London - Hamilton - Niagara Falls - Vancouver - Victoria - Regina - Winnipeg

ESL in Canada Information

If you want to know everything about ESL in Canada here are links to: About us, Contact Information and the overview of Philosophy, Programs, Parameters and Projects.

Links to ESL in Canada Directory advertising information and other ESL in Canada business services.

For past projects and services you can see several sets of pictures of the ESL in Canada English Language Immersion Korea English Camp pictures and English Camp Videos in South Korea.

One of the most popular programs were the FREE Toronto ESL English classes at the
ESL Cafe and more past pictures of the "ESL Cafe" at St Paul's in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

ESL in Canada will organize for groups Study Tours, and Tour Leader Programs, and Study Abroad programs.

Information in other languages!

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Online Business & ESL English Classes

COVID 19 has eliminated most in-person classroom ESL, English & Business English classes.

Online classes are an excellent substitute and can be designed for individuals or groups of students.

Online classes use combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms.

All ESL in Canada online teachers are Canadian certified and experienced teachers.

Link to Online Business & ESL English Classes

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