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Are you experiencing problems because of your English?

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Are you experiencing problems because of your low level English language skills?

Do you find it difficult to speak English with your coworkers or your employer?

Do you translate in your mind from English into your native language and back?

Do you feel that others do not understand you?

Do people always ask you to repeat words or sentences?

Do you always ask your coworkers or boss to repeat words or sentences?

Do you say "yes" to everything even if you do not understand?

Are you afraid to answer the telephone or make a phone call?

Have you lost your confidence in your speaking or writing?

Do you wish to understand others better and be understood when you speak?

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How Business English Language Communication Skills can be Improved

The best method of learning business English communication skills in a confidential and efficient format to suit today's busy international business executives is with a skilled and experienced private business English teacher.

Speaking can be improved with: correct pronunciation; accent reduction; correct tone, rhythm and intonation; expressions and everyday phrases, flexible vocabulary, and confidence.

Writing can be improved with format practice, practicing sentence building and paragraphs, adding vocabulary and writing style.

Reading and listening skills can be improved with vocabulary and comprehension strategies.

To start a program - Please email: eslincanada (at) gmail (dot) com

English Language Vocabulary and Skills Classes

Price to Train, Teach or Manage a Program

Professional Overview

Education consulting, management and teaching experience at all levels combined with webmaster, ecommerce and social-media communications. 12 years public company management as director, audit committee, project manager and investment experience as an RR, manager and director. International experience in Canada, USA, Mexico, Korea and China.

Studied economics and business in university and studied accounting for my Bachelor of Education. Retired from OSSTF and Ontario College of Teachers. Can re-activate to teach in both Ontario Private and Public Schools and Colleges.

Taught international executives, diplomats, performers in business English classes, Mini-Group classes, private company classes, one-to-one sessions, communication workshops, and seminars.

Taught adults in Community Colleges, Canadian Career Colleges, private Institutes and language schools as an instructor, program director and Dean.

Designed and operated the first multi-instructor TESL Canada Certified ESL teacher training program in Canada. I designed a 10 instructor module format program that enabled prospective teachers the opportunity to learn from actual working ESL teachers with a specialty. There are 7 or 8 TESL/TESOL programs that now copy my module format and incorporate interactive workshops.

Designed and operated the first teacher-as-boss business English internship program and operated it in Canada and South Korea. Two of the top ESL schools in Canada where I have taught or had internship students now copy my business internship training program.

First to use the 1000 most used English words from the 1990 Brown Corpus as the English camp vocabulary for the English Immersion conversation programs, sports and activity programs and the English performance programs. Taught children from ages 8 to 18 in our English language camps, activity programs and school programs as a counselor, teacher, coach and camp director.

Created a training program for an Ontario Regional Police Force. I expanded my mini-English skill test sections into a five-part English Language Communications Assessment. This assessment was incorporated into the police candidate screening and selection process and has been used for over 5 years. Was part of the police candidate selection team that raised the Ontario Police College results from 18th to 1st place over a 3 year period. Was also on the promotion team evaluating police promotion candidates to Detective, Sergeant, Inspector and Superintendent.

Directed the ESL Cafe at St Pauls in Toronto for 10 years. My functions as principal teacher included helping new teachers, assessing students language levels, operating the online promotions and social media activities. We have helped over 17,000 in our free classes as a community service. MY PR program raised the average attendance from 35 to over 300.

Currently offer private classes, consulting and training services for three companies.

I Enjoy travel and offer consulting and training services overseas.

Available to teach individuals or provide company consulting and training or guest lectures.

To start a program - Please email: eslincanada (at) gmail (dot) com

J R. McBride BA BEd OCT

Education and Certifications

Pictures of ESL English Teaching and Tutoring in Asia

Pictures of ESL in Canada 2001 Kaifeng University, Kaifeng China

Pictures of ESL in Canada 2002 Korea Summer Camp - Teachers
Pictures of ESL in Canada 2002 Korea Summer Camp - Students
Pictures of ESL in Canada 2003 SBSi Winter Camp Cheong Pyeong
Pictures of ESL in Canada 2003 DAEWOO Premium Summer Camp
Pictures of ESL in Canada 2004 SBSi Winter Camp Cheong Pyeong
Pictures of ESL in Canada 2004 Dongbu Gwangju Summer Camp
Pictures ESL in Canada at 2005 KBS Media Asan Winter Camp

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