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Examples of College and Career Training Programs

Accounting, Addictions and Community Services Worker, Financial Services, Business, Cardiology Technologist, Computer Business Applications Specialist, Computer Programmer, Computerized Accounting, Dental Office and Chairside Assistant, Early Childcare Assistant, Esthetics, Executive Office Assistant, Help Desk Analyst, Hospital Patient Registration Specialist, Hotel and Service Supervisor, Intra-Oral Level II Dental Assistant, Law Enforcement Foundations, Legal Administrative Assistant, Massage Therapy, Medical Laboratory Assistant, Medical Office Administrator, Network Administrator, Network and Internet Security Specialist, Office Assistant, Paralegal, Personal Support Worker, Pharmacy Technician, Physiotherapist Assistant, Programmer Analyst-Internet Solutions Developer, Programmer Analyst-WebDeveloper, Programmer Network Support Analyst, Travel and Tourism, Web Technology Specialist

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Old communication was 90% oral and 10% writing. Modern communication is 40% oral, 40% writing and 20% video/graphics for most professions. Correct writing in English is mandatory.

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