Study Abroad Language Programs for Canadians

When learning a foreign language there occurs a point in the learning process when improvement can be accelerated by immersion in the target foreign language.

Usually the immersion process can only occur in countries where the target language is the native language spoken by everyone.

For Canadians who speak English or French as their native language most have to travel outside of Canada to be fully immersed into Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean or Chinese.

For those foreign language students this process is called a study abroad program or overseas language study program.

For Canadians under the age of 18 we only recommend supervised study programs where the students attend an accredited language school with supervised activities and live in a dormitory or approved homestay.

For Canadians over the age of 18 there are some additional options. For those who are majoring in education - there may be opportunities for language exchanges. Arrangements can be made to exchange English or French for the target language. Since no money is being exchanged those in foreign countries do not need a work visa or permit.

For Canadians studying a foreign language abroad who have a university degree and qualify for a local work or teaching permit - there may be opportunities to teach English or French full or part time. Teaching is an excellent method of financing the travel and tuition expenses.

When I was in South Korea I had the opportunity to participate in a teacher homestay. I lived with a Korean family. My room and food was exchanged for English lessons for the 2 children. I had the opportunity to live life as a Korean family member and experience real life in Korea away from the usual tourist experience. It was wonderful.

If you are in Canada and want to study overseas we have some information about: Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, and Mexico Study Tours.

Online Business & ESL English Classes

COVID 19 has eliminated most in-person classroom ESL, English & Business English classes.

Online classes are an excellent substitute and can be designed for individuals or groups of students.

Online classes use combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms.

All ESL in Canada online teachers are Canadian certified and experienced teachers.

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