Canada Study and Tour Programs

The Study and Tour Program begins with Pre-Tour English instruction for a special purpose. The program participants will be provided with the vocabulary, definitions, history and culture of the Canada locations, events and activities. The pre-tour English instruction will prepare tour participants to understand and communicate in English during the Canada events and tours.

This Study Tour group program (for 10 to 250 participants) consists of interchangeable tours, study programs and event attendance. This allows the study tour participants maximum flexibility for price, time or location considerations.

This Study Tour group program can be structured for any industry group: media, manufacturing, law, accounting, education, government, mining, oil and gas, forestry, hydro sun or wind power generation, transportation, medicine, dentistry, fitness or any niche market place for technology transfers, education, sales or joint ventures.

  • Example Study Tour Options:
  • Pre-Tour English instruction (from one month to six months)
  • Arrival in Canada
  • Event attendance (from 1 day to 6 week programs)
  • Tour program (from 3 day to 45 day programs)
  • Study program (from 0 to 9 month credit courses)
  • Departure to home
Example Study Tour Programs:
  1. Three month pre-tour English, arrive - 1 week event, 1 week tour - depart
  2. Two month pre-tour English, arrive - 1 week event, 21 day tour - depart
  3. One month pre-tour English, arrive - 1 week event, 3 week study - depart
  4. No pre-tour English, arrive - 3 week tour - depart

Example "Media MBA" Executive Study Tour Program

Canada is a world leader in several multi-media sectors with hardware, software, technology, methodologies and facilities integration.

The "Media MBA" tours several leading-edge technologies and exhibits government, education and private sector cooperation to research, develop and integrate products, processes and systems. The ESL in Canada "Media MBA" program is a 5 day seminar and facilities study tour program in Toronto, Canada. The following are example seminar topics and facilities.

National Film Board Programming Priorities

Priorities will be weighted, and adjusted periodically to ensure that overall goals are being met. In order of importance, the programming priorities are:

  • Focus and treatment of major social issues unique, necessary, and relevant
  • Focusing on key audiences, especially youth, the educational sector
  • Innovating the audiovisual narrative form
  • Advancing the documentary ethic, and media literacy
  • Creative vision: strength of story
  • Working with filmmaking talent in all regions of Canada
  • Nurturing emerging filmmakers
  • Championing intercultural and Aboriginal voices
  • Promoting social cohesion through examination, debate and dialogue
  • Increasing audiences

CBC Technology Review

CBC Technology is dedicated to ensuring that the technological environment of Canada's national broadcaster continues to evolve and improve in anticipation of Canada's changing needs. From HDTV production, satellite distribution, transmission, signal compression and enhancement, to online sharing of production elements across the country, the tour covers the challenges and triumphs as Radio, Television, New Media and emerging broadcast technologies evolve.

Interactive Broadcast Learning Lab

WebTV+ - Currently the Interactive Broadcast Learning Lab has the Philip's Magnavox MAT976 WebTV+ and SONY INT-W200 WebTV+.

As part of the labs OpenTV Target Decoder a PACE TP3 is connected via a serial port to emulate OpenTV applications. OpenTV is one of the worlds most widely deployed iTV systems and is currently implemented by a number of MSO's and used globally in over fifty countries.

AOLTV ? Because of America On-Line's dominant position in the US market as an Internet provider many feel they have the market position to develop their service given that they own the Time-Warner content vault. The Interactive Broadcast Learning Lab was among the first places in Canada to have this service. The box contains a 4 gig hard drive and may eventually emulate a personal video recorder.

The Motorola DCT-5000 is the highly touted next generation set-top that can run both a variety of operating systems. The box contains a faster processor, more memory and larger hard drives than the current generation of installed set-tops in the marketplace.

Advanced Computer Animation Technology

Introduction to scripting, expressions, shader networks, organization of data and practical applications of the MEL scripting language will be used to drive particle and dynamics applications within the Maya animation environment. Also presented more advanced scripting to encompass interface building, more advanced dynamic systems control and rendering management.

Union Training Programs

Trainee Program list of responsibilities

  • how to build various cameras in different working modes with all the accessories
  • how to load film for motion picture cameras
  • how to mark actors
  • how to slate (single, multi and high speed cameras)
  • how to keep accurate paperwork which includes camera reports, daily film inventory, petty cash, equipment rentals and returns.

Professional Development Seminars

Professional Development Seminars includes intensive training on all the camera systems: Arriflex, Aaton, Moviecam, and Panavision including HDTV, Vista Vision and other specialty equipment. Additional HDTV information sessions for Producers, Directors, ADs and Production Managers is being developed. Look for our new seminars for PACE and Hydroflex (underwater camera housing systems).

Spectacular Canadian Tour Locations

Niagara Falls - Toronto - Ottawa - Montreal - Quebec City
Link to City Guide of Canadian Cities

Online Business & ESL English Classes

COVID 19 has eliminated most in-person classroom ESL, English & Business English classes.

Online classes are an excellent substitute and can be designed for individuals or groups of students.

Online classes use combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms.

All ESL in Canada online teachers are Canadian certified and experienced teachers.

Link to Online Business & ESL English Classes

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