2022 ESL in Canada Surveys

FANTASY SURVEY for ESL English students

Pretend that you are one of 10 competitors who "can win" an all expense paid trip to Canada to study ESL. You have three

months to study English; then pass a four-part test consisting of; reading, listening, speaking and writing to win $1,000,000.

You are able to use whatever ESL resources are available now. Explain each answer.

Would you ask your friends, former students, teachers or schools to help?

What Canadian city would you choose to study in?

Would you choose an ESL school or other type of instruction?

Would you hire a private ESL tutor or maybe non-ESL teachers?

How would you hire your ESL teachers?

What qualities do good ESL teachers have?

Would you have one teacher all day or one per subject?

Would you go to ESL class full time or part time?

Do you have a favorite textbook, or books to use?

Do you have favorite CDs, videos, movies, newspapers or games for learning?

Would you go to the library?

What Internet resources would you use?

Would you prefer to create your own new ESL learning materials?

How many hours each day would you study English only?

Knowing yourself and how you learn best, what extra activities would you do to accelerate your English language skills?

Would you homestay with an ESL teacher, English homestay family, native speaking friends or stay by yourself in an apartment?

Would you take tests in advance to find out your weaknesses/strengths?

How would you work on your weaknesses?

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Survey for ESL students planning full time ESL study overseas.

Which countries are you considering as choices to study ESL? Australia, Britain, Canada, USA, Other

Is it important to have relatives, friends living in the country of choice?

Is it important to talk to ESL students who have studied in that country?

Is it important for the country to have a multicultural understanding?

Is the International currency rate a factor in your decision?

Is the availability of student visas for ESL studies a factor?

Is the crime rate and personal security an important factor in your decision?

Do politics, or government policies and procedures influence your decision?

Are the international rankings of the educational institutions important?

Is it important to have ESL at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels?

Is the availability of full time English immersion an important factor?

Is the availability of regular public education courses important?

Is the availability of vocational and skills training important?

Is the price of the individual schools or courses a factor in your decision?

Is the school's association membership or ranking by inspectors important?

What other factors would you use when deciding on a country and school?

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Survey for ESL teachers in Canada

Is the best ESL teacher training apprenticeships with theory upgrades?

For ESL success what is more important: learning theory or cultural understanding?

Has ESL curriculum development overlooked fundamentals and gone to fringe fads?

Is English immersion talked about but poorly executed in practice?

ESL learning materials age quickly. How do you obtain new materials to motivate and promote learning?

Would ESL teacher certification by Provincial authority improve professionalism?

Would a Canadian ESL teacher union improve the conditions of employment?

Would mandatory certification, licensing and bonding improve ESL schools?

How would you rank teaching English as a Second Language in Canada relative to other countries?

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Survey for ESL School Principals & Employers in Canada.

If ESL instruction became a regulated subject would you continue to operate with the additional Ministry of Education inspections, reporting, financial bonds, license fees, and ESL curriculum approval procedures?

If ESL teachers had to be (1) qualified through University approved courses and (2) members of the ( College of Teachers or Equivalent ) and (3) members of the appropriate teachers union how would this affect your business?

Would your ESL school pay the tuition fees for your present staff of ESL teachers to upgrade to any new provincial standards?

If ESL teacher training and certification was University/Government regulated would you be willing to have practice teaching in your school?

Have you ever used or plan to use profit sharing to reward superior ESL teachers?

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Picture of Blueprint for English The Blueprint to English language grammar summary with practice word cards is designed for beginner and intermediate English Language students ages 5 to 100.

Blueprint to English is a 96 page cheat sheet with English grammar practices, procedures and examples.

The practice word cards will provide you with enough variety to practice forming millions of English sentences. The word cards are an excellent mnemonic memory aid for parts of speech, word functions and vocabulary.

Old communication was 90% oral and 10% writing. Modern communication is 40% oral, 40% writing and 20% video/graphics for most professions. Correct writing in English is mandatory.

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