Teacher Registration 2018 - 2019 Jobs

Please note that as of September 15th, 2018 about 80% of the summer teaching and assistant jobs are finished. Most 2018 positions will interview March to May 2018 and jobs will be available from May, 2018 until September 2018.

Please check all positions/information that you are interested in:

I am interested in becoming a teacher and require career counselling.
I am interested in receiving teacher training.
I would like to have a website to promote my teaching business.
I have a website and need advertising to promote my teaching business.
I would like to start an educational consulting agency.
I would like to start or buy a school.

I am qualified for the following positions:
ESL Teacher
Elementary Teacher
High School Teacher
College Teacher
University Professor
Adult Trainer
Education Consultant
HR and Business Training
Business Internships Trainer
Business English Teacher
Test Preparation Teacher
Homestay Tutoring
Summer Camps
Winter Camp
Tour leader

Please provide Teacher Contact information

Date of Birth
Full residence address
Emergency Contact numbers
Email Address
Country of Citizenship

Please indicate which subjects(s) you are qualified to teach.

Basic ESL English skills


Advanced ESL English skills

Accent reduction
Writing composition
Public speaking

Teaching formats

Small class
Regular Class
Lecture hall

Teaching Specialties

High school admission
college board AP
academic preparation
other Test preparation
Business English for company employees
Public school Elementary Subjects
High school Subjects
College Subjects
University subjects
Camp skills and abilities
Other skills, abilities, functions

Please copy the Teaching Registration Information and email to: info (at) eslincanada (dot) com or eslincanada (at) gmail (dot) com .

Thank you for your information - We will contact you soon - Have your resume, pictures, teaching portfolio ready.

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