2022 ESL Teachers Wanted for Canada

The slow re-opening of in-person classes will slowly re-open teaching jobs in Canada. ESL in Canada will continue to act as an agent to place teachers in good schools or camps. ESL in Canada will continue to promote the ESL English Camps in Canada although none are planned as yet.

The ESL English teachers at the tour leader camp locations will be required to qualify for work permits within the local jurisdictions. Teachers will need a BA and either a BEd or CELTA or TESL Canada Certificate or Tesol equivalent. References will be checked and verified.

ESL teachers with public school teaching qualifications, experience and specialties in music, theatre arts, art, sports and recreational activities and camp experience as a counselor are preferred.

In general ESL camp classes will operate from 9:00 AM to noon then an afternoon class from 1:30 to 3:00 PM. Performance practices are from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Morning exercises, sports activities, movies and tours are before and after the main class times and the supervision is alternated between the teachers. Camp teaching requires long days.

Teachers will fly before the camp for orientation and training. Teachers will be on three or four week contracts. The flights, accommodation and meals are paid for the camp teachers. The camp teaching salary has been $500 CDN each week with tax deductions and a health insurance deduction. We will be posting preliminary camp info for the students and prospective students so "teacher" pictures are required.

All resumes for ESL English Camps must contain: education - certification - teaching experience - other work experience - camp experience - references.

You are welcome to use the teacher registration form.

ESL in Canada has excellent programs for international ESL English teachers to assist as Education Consultants and Teacher Tour Leaders to assist students when they travel to Canada with their class or attend an ESL English Camp.

Link to Teacher Tour Leaders Program

Link to Education Consultant Program

Canada E Mail Address:
J.R. McBride,

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