Testimonials from International Students

Hello, My name is Carolina

I'm a nurse from Switzerland, and I speak Italian. I arrived in Toronto, December 31st.of 1999. I will go back to Switzerland December 14th. I chose Toronto because 6 years ago I spent 4 weeks of my holiday in Canada. Canada is so beautiful, especially in the fall. I suggest this experience to people who want to study English, or change their everyday life or have a different experience. My first suggestion is to stay in Canada at least 1 year and speak just English. Second, it is better to plan your stay carefully and ask all the information that you can.

I registered with an agency in Switzerland. I paid for 6 months in advance, and this was a mistake. The agency promised that I could have a job while in Canada, this was not true. They also misinformed me about the internship program. I had to go to the agency 10 times to confirm prices , courses, homestay . They only suggested one school and avoided providing information on other schools. ( This agency was charged with fraud, theft, improper documentation by the Swiss Police, they arrested the agent Riccardo Affolter. Please contact the newspaper LaRegione or the Swiss Ministry for further information.)

When I arrived in Toronto my homestay was 30 km from the school. I wasted almost 2 hours commuting every day. Since I paid in advance I was locked into the homestay program. My homestay family was nice, but too busy to speak with us. I now share an apartment with a Korean ESL student. We pay less than homestay, are 5 minutes from school and the main library, and have the opportunity to speak and study English every day.

My school was Aspect International English Schools. Some of my teachers were excellent, some average, some lazy. It took 6 weeks to get a resume printed. The only help to get a volunteer position was one phone number to call. Internship for one month is $800. One teacher looked at my job papers and said it may take 6 months to qualify. Without the proper information I wasted 6 months for an opportunity that was impossible.

My trip to Canada was saved by other ESL students. I work every day with my roommate to improve my English. My former classmate Philipp was an ESL in Canada co-op student who helped me tour 5 new ESL schools to choose the best TOEFL course. I have traveled to New York, Montreal, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlantic City, with ESL students. ESL in Canada in Toronto uses coop students to provide services. They found 2 volunteer jobs, for free, one of them my specialty, nursing. Now I'm helping my fellow ESL students.

Speak with students who already had been in Canada to study, or for an internship program. Do not pay for everything in advance, there is a 90% chance that you will change something after your first month in Canada. Pay for one month at a time.

It is better attend a course in the Fall, Winter or Spring, try to avoid Summertime because the schools are too busy. So if you need some help or information write to me, I'll be really happy to speak with you. Bye, bye. Carolina carolina@eslincanada.com

Hello, My name is Vianey

I'm from Mexico city (one of the biggest cities around the world). I'm 25 years old and I just finished my University last December, my major was Industrial and Systems Engineering.

I came to Canada four months ago. My conversations with native speakers were limited. I could read books and order something during my few trips, but nowadays my English is much better. I've been studying at three different schools, the first one was Kiosk School of English, the second one Richmond School of Commerce.

My first advice is "don't pay all your fees in advance before you leave your country". When you're living and studying in Canada you can compare and choose the best class, course or school for you. In my case I paid one month in Mexico. After one month and a half I changed to attend the next best course, teacher and school for me.

My second advice is that, one of the best ways to learn English is by working as a volunteer, so pay attention to "Best in the West" program, because you can improve your English and many others skills.

My third advice is, "don't travel to Toronto in summer time" because there are many Spanish speakers and the classes are crowded . It's better if you finish before July or start after August. If you're going to be in Canada during June, July or August spend your time traveling or volunteering.

I've really had a wonderful and helpful time in Canada, in this city everything is incredible and this trip's been an important part of my personal and professional life. You can learn lots of things when you travel outside of your country, so come to Canada and enjoy this adventure!!!!!!!

To contact me send email to: vianey@eslincanada.com

Hello my name is Alonso

I'm a musician from Mexico City. I traveled to Toronto on July 30th. I'll stay until January or until it is too cold. Now I'm studying music, English and volunteering at ESL in Canada part time.

My advice to students is to have a goal and a budget before you choose your school. Before you choose your school you should compare the five or six schools offering the English courses you require. The quality and level of English depends on the teachers. Some moderate priced schools are run by professional teachers and offer excellent English instruction.

I'm taking music lessons here in Toronto. I'm improving my skills as a musician, and practicing my English for free. I recommend to all students to take a general interest content course about business, travel, history, music, film, sports, to develop your skills your hobby and your English.

If you want any advice or recommendations you can contact me at: alonso@eslincanada.com

Hello my name is Soojin

I am an ESL student from Korea. I went to school at Ewha Women's University in Seoul, and took a break for one semester to learn English in Canada. My specialty is English Literature, I like Eugene O'Neill. I have not decided whether to complete a Masters in Ewha Women's Graduate University or work.

I studied at ILSC in Toronto, and volunteered at the Children's Own Museum. I also volunteered with ESL in Canada, performing internet web design and translations, creating files and images.

I went to the Canadian embassy and completed the visa myself. I also traveled to Canada and toured several schools first before choosing. I went went to a homestay for the first month. I changed to a shared room with 3 other girls one of them Canadian. It was better. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to work using English. Traveling to Canada has enabled me to discover things about myself. Volunteering let me discover that I liked webpage designing.

Anyone can get their own visa, school, homestay, volunteer positions by themselves. To get the best from your ESL travels combine KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE in yourself.

You can contact me at: soojinlee@eslincanada.com

Oi, meu nome é Marília, sou brasileira, estou estudando inglês no Canadá. Estou trabalhando voluntariamente para ESL in Canada. Meus projetos incluem visitas a escolas de ESL (inglês como uma segunda língua), livrarias com material didático para estudantes do ESL e agências de viagem com descontos estudantis. Se você tiver alguma pergunta sobre ESL in Canada ou Toronto, por favor envie-me um e-mail marilia@eslincanada.com

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