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Portuguese for English Language Exchange Wanted

Portuguese for English Language Exchange Wanted for 2022

Professional male aged 45 will be working in Brasil for 4 to 6 months and would like to improve their beginner level Portuguese.

Online Language Exchanges can be scheduled using combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms.

The native English speaker has several years as a Red Cross First Aid and CPR instructor and several years operating a Pastry bakery.

His hobbies include cooking, sailing and travel.

Interested language exchange candidates can email:

Criteria for Language Exchange Partnership Success

Language exchanges are a great way to develop your target language fluency, learn new vocabulary, learn about the culture associated with the language, build your confidence and even save money.

Like all partnerships - you have to work well with your language exchange partner.

There are a few basic criteria which can determine whether the language exchange partnership will give both partners an equal opportunity to learn and advance your language skills and abilities.

The first criteria is giving equal time to each of the two languages.

The second criteria is what type of language use is your goal. If you are both in business and want to use the other language for business - wonderful you can really help each other.

Are you both structured, organized and prepared or just free talking? - both you and your partner have to be able to operate at the same work level. A partnership where one is always well prepared and the other just shows up is doomed to fail.

Are you both able to remain positive and supportive through a difficult and complicated process. Remember that beginners start speaking with 100% mistakes. It takes a lot of explanation, demonstration and practice to be able to speak the target language with fewer and fewer mistakes.

Registration for Language Exchanges

Students will be matched who wish to speak a second language. Students who speak English as a first language and wish to speak another language will be matched with Students who speak the other language as a first language. Speakers of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, Chinese, French, and others will be matched to Native English speakers who wish to practice their second language.

  • Full Name
  • Residence address
  • Telephone
  • Email address
  • First Language as a Native Speaker
  • Second Language you wish to practice.
  • Age
  • Male or Female
  • Education Level or Year in HS, College, University, BA. MA. PHD
  • Major or Main interest in School
  • Type of Work and job description
  • Do you like sports, Hockey, football, baseball, basketball, other
  • Do you like Dance, Opera, Theatre, Art, other
  • Favorite Music, TV shows, Movies, Foods
  • Average Computer time per week?
  • Other activities or Hobbies or Interests
  • Best days and time to language exchange for 1 hour.
  • Additional questions will be asked at the initial interviews to determine suitability.

To start a language exchange send an email:

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