2018 Toronto English Classes

Descriptions of English classes available in Toronto, Canada

"ESL" English as a Second Language classes by language skills such as: reading, listening, pronunciation, conversation, vocabulary, grammar and writing or be a combination of English language skills.

English Through Comedy, Film, Global Social Issues, Journalism, Music, Media, Social Media, Toronto, Vancouver, International Global Issues, History, Street Talk, Performing Arts, Environment and Green Initiatives, and other personal interest topics

Academic and Test Preparation Courses; Academic Speaking, Listening, writing, vocabulary, Cambridge Business English CAE CPE FCE; IELTS Speaking Listening Reading Listening; TOEIC Preparation, TOEFL Preparation

Communication Courses: Basic English Skills, Conversation, Discussion, Debate, Assertiveness, Public Speaking.

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English Language Skills Classes

English language pronunciation classes include all the mechanical functions and skills of language sound production and the specific word pronunciation patterns of the English language in context.

English language conversation classes include consonant and vowel pronunciation, syllable stress patterns in words, intonation and timing for phrases and expressions, polite words, formal vocabulary, slang and jargon use, correct greetings, use of active sentence constructions, listening carefully, answering directly, using correct gestures to reinforce or further explain spoken words.

English language grammar includes all the technical grammar functions, word placement rules and the "language-art skills" of written language production using English language vocabulary.

English language vocabulary classes can be designed for the three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

English Language Writing Classes can include all of the English language grammar rules and procedures and specific writing formats, register, audience, level, purpose and style.

Online English Language Classes

The Online English Language Classes are designed to reduce the travel time for the tutor to travel to the student or the student to travel to the tutor.

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