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ESL in Canada Social Media Marketing Programs

Advertise on Twitter and drive business growth and sales 140 characters at a time. Reach the right audience by targeting based on interests, geography, gender, device, or users similar to your followers. In addition, maximize the relevancy of your message by targeting by keywords in people’s Tweets.

People come to Twitter for human connection, self expression and content discovery. They come to connect with brands and learn about new products and services. Follow these simple best practices to ensure your brand's organic content engages followers and drives the most impact in the Twitter timeline.


Clarify your brand purpose and de?ne the value your products and services deliver to consumers every day. Infuse that value into your content strategy to make messaging work harder. Is your brand inspiring, witty or playful? Determine how brand personality drives word choice. Identify key words and phrases to incorporate into copy with consistency.


Leverage Twitter’s audience insights to understand the demographic pro?le and passion points of your followers. Use these insights to inform key content themes and ideas. De?ne 3-5 strategic territories or themes to structure your content plan. Organize ideas and assets using these content pillars. Examples: Inspiration, Education, Products as proof points.


Identify personal moments to connect to (eating, getting ready) as well as larger cultural events your brand can authentically tap into. Use videos, GIFs, photos and emojis to draw consumers in and slow down the speed of the feed. Tweets with videos and photos drive 310% higher engagement rate vs. Tweets with text only


Pull people and celebrities forward into the ?rst few frames to increase opt-in by 2x


Use campaign hashtags to make content searchable and discoverable. Use cultural hashtags to tap into trends or enter recurring cultural conversations like #motivationmonday.


Tweet 3 times per day to optimize organic reach of your followers - While corporate businesses typically shut down on the weekends, remember that your consumers are always on.


Tweets with under 100 characters drive signi?cantly higher engagement than those over 100.4 Use concise copy, especially when coupled with media rich Tweets.

Consumers come to Twitter for direct access to brands. Be responsive to questions, comments and criticisms. To avoid long exchanges, direct unhappy customers to a private resolution.


Respond to consumer advocates in an authentic way through @mentions or ? Retweets. Celebration of consumers will drive advocacy, loyalty and earned impressions.

Access the Tweet activity dashboard to evaluate the best content based on engagement metrics. Conduct quarterly audits to identify the attributes of most engaging content. Use the quick promote feature to boost content with paid media.

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