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For ESL English-as-a-Second Language students, teachers, homestay providers, agents and ESL service providers. ESL teacher training news, events, services, complaints, bargains, neat stuff, good ideas, activities, jobs, advice and recommendations. There are definitive opinions expressed in this newsletter. This newsletter is assisted by ESL in Canada teachers, students and interns. Canada is one of the best places to practice English and tour many of the natural wonders of the world.

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FREE Newsletter for international professionals interested in working in Canada. Jobs can be permanent, temporary contract or internships. Information will include visa news, job openings, criteria for work permits, criteria for health and medical clearances, criteria for language proficiency, personal history of criminal activity requirements, employment standards within Canada, education requirements, work experience requirements, skills and technical ability requirements.

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Toronto_Internship_Program_NEWS will provide information to apply for and understand the qualification criteria for the various work experience internships that are available to students. Toronto internship opportunities will be created and or promoted for students to obtain work experience in Canada. Announcements will be sent to members as internship opportunities become available. Many international students with intermediate English skills that do not qualify for Internship placements with a Canadian company can apply to a new Internship Training Program. This program provides supervised work skill training in a real work situation and will increase business English skills and provide work experience.

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Free ESL English Grammar and Vocabulary

Parts of Speech:
nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections

Introduction to: phrases, clauses, sentences, punctuation

Verb Tenses: simple, continuous, perfect

Intermediate Grammar: modals, phrasal verbs, verbals, idioms, conditionals

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Teacher Tours and Tour Leader programs are designed for NNS English teachers that have to maintain or upgrade their English skills and internationally located native speaking ESL teachers. Tour leaders receive free air flights, meals, accommodation and small honorarium in exchange for their assistance. Due to Canadian work permit regulations this is not considered a job and no salary is provided. We want the international tour leaders and their students to enjoy the camp, improve their English and teaching skills, gain some international teaching experience, meet new friends and fellow teachers from around the world.

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There are excellent ESL English tutors in Toronto for private English or business English classes, mini-group lessons and regular language classes.

There are budget, average, good and excellent English language schools in Toronto. Students can choose schools based on budget and the quality of instruction.

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The Travel Language Culture Network Club is the new name for the ESL in Canada Social Club that has operated in Toronto, Canada for seven years. The new name reflects the expanded functions of the club. The TLC Network Club will still arrange language exchanges and organize educational meetings, culture events and activities. The TLC Network club will work with high quality suppliers to offer special group travel trips and tours.

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