Overview of ESL in Canada projects, programs, policies and philosophy

The "ESL in Canada Directory" website is a professionaly supervised work-in-process for students to practice their English skills and gain practical hands-on internet, business, advertising, marketing, administration, logistics and social media work experience.


We can change the world for the better. How we change the world is just as important as the goals we hope to accomplish. ESL in Canada promotes ethical business providing real services and honest information.


Encourage ESL learning in cooperative environments and the real world with native English speakers as the language retention will be longer lasting and useful. Encourage self-learning using the modern technologies available and modern "Accelerated Learning" English language strategies and methods. ESL in Canada promotes Canada and the many unique benefits of learning English in Canada with Canadians. Promote professional development and cooperation within the ESL education profession.



ESL in Canada provides or coordinates services for students, teachers, consultants, homestay, schools and service providers.

ESL in Canada can provide ESL, business English, academic and English test preparation tutors for private classes, small groups, companies, government, NGO's and organizations.

Professional educational consulting services for students and teachers includes: academic and career consulting services, resume writing, interview skills and teacher portfolios.

Internet services include website creation, content creation, and Social Media.

Advertising includes the ESL in Canada Directory, TLC pages, Sentencemaster, Blogs and Newsletters.

You can email us for additional information at: eslincanada (at) gmail (dot) com.

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