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Introduction to Education Business- In the education business every homestay provider, teacher, tutor, seminar leader, education tour or activity leader, video, DVD, CD, book creator is a manufacturer.

Can your Agent honestly help you!- Many students and their parents will sit across the desk from a convicted criminal in a fancy suit, expensive looking office, who is using a false name, a new business agency name which sounds like an established agency, and is falsely representing his agency contracts and licenses from schools, universities and institutes.

War between Agents and Schools creates Education Wasteland - Once upon a time there was a happy balance between the agents and the language schools. The agents provided admission services and translations and the schools taught the students.

Examples of Marketing Costs and RisksIf located in Canada there is the choice between foreign language newspapers and magazines, posting tutor available sheets at the libraries, regular newspaper classified ads, internet ads and profile pages in the education webportals.

Please note that, as of February 1, 2017, Global Affairs Canada will no longer be involved in any way with the Canada Course for Education Agents. ESL in Canada has also withdrawn their recommendation for this test - read the full article in the ESL in Canada NEWS Blog.

Other Business Information

Entrepreneur Program - start and manage your own business - The Entrepreneur Program is an interactive experience that integrates new ideas into proven formats and helps graduates gain the knowledge, confidence, and experience they need to succeed.

Teacher Tours - Tour Leader Program for ESL English teachers - The teacher tour program is ideal for non-native speaking English tour leaders who want to travel to Canada with their "class" and experience a real Canadian English Immersion Program.

Education Agents - Help students study at the best schools - Education Consultants will be able to explain to international students how the schools are organized, operate and explain reasonable expectations. Education Consultants will be able to work with the ESL in Canada Team of consultants and mentors to provide complete educational consulting, advice and recommendations to students.

Business Services - ESL Teacher Recruiting Services for international schools, advertizing, website marketing services.

Online Business & ESL English Classes

COVID 19 has eliminated most in-person classroom ESL, English & Business English classes.

Online classes are an excellent substitute and can be designed for individuals or groups of students.

Online classes use combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms.

All ESL in Canada online teachers are Canadian certified and experienced teachers.

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