Business English for Careers

Business English for Careers is for employees, adults or students who require intermediate and advanced Business English to get the first job in the international English-speaking business community or get the first promotion or to enter a business school.

The Business English for Careers program is designed for small groups. The Business English for Careers program is designed to provide training in Toronto, Canada and is also offered to companies or groups in Europe, Asia and South America.

Business English for Careers includes business theory and business vocabulary: formal business English and informal business idioms and expressions, business conversations including formal introductions, inquiries, discussions, negotiations, informal business conversations, business specialties economics, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, advertising, communications, logistics, production, manufacturing, transportation, packaging and environmental practices.

Business training includes presentation skills, report writing, public speaking, letter writing, business presentations, sales presentations, product introductions, writing press releases, writing public relations articles, power point presentations, creating web pages, creating and updating blogs and internet research.

Canadian American British cultural awareness and office protocol are also included in the classroom sessions. Field trips help students get used to business life and business situations in the English speaking workplace.

Teaching materials are about 20% Market Leader business audio and video vocabulary from business cases, about 40% from trade magazines, business correspondence and industry periodicals, about 20% from daily business newspapers, and about 20% from skills text books which includes communications, writing, and business skill specialties.

Business topics will last one week. Students can study economics, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, advertising, communications, logistics, production, manufacturing, transportation, packaging and environmental practices.

Groups are given free English language skill level assessments.

Groups of students can study 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks or up to 14 weeks. The programs is designed to be 25 hours each week with some extra field trips and class meetings.

Globe & Mail Report on Business

The most authoritative Canadian news from the world of business featuring articles from The Globe and Mail, breaking news coverage, national news, international news, sports, weather, Report on Business.

Market Leader Textbooks

Market Leader is a five-level business English course designed to bring the real world of international business into the business English classroom. It has been developed in association with the Financial Times newspaper.

The ML books are designed for students preparing for a career in business, or by those already working who want to improve their English communication skills. Each Course Book provides approximately 90 - 120 hours of class work.

Market Leader includes recent ideas from the world of business. Each unit is topic-based and features regular role plays and company case studies. Students are encouraged to use their own experience and opinions to maximize involvement and learning.

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The course book provides the main part of the teaching material, divided into topic-based units. The topics have been chosen following research among teachers to establish which are the areas of widest possible interest to the majority of their business English students.

The Course Book provides input in reading, speaking and listening, with guidance for writing tasks. Every unit contains vocabulary development activities and review of essential English grammar. There is a focus on key business functions, and each unit ends with a case study enabling students to practise language they have worked on during the unit.

A typical unit consists of the following sections:

Starting up
Students have the opportunity to think about the unit topic and to exchange ideas and opinions with each other and with the teacher. There is a variety of stimulating activities such as answering quiz questions, reflecting on difficult decisions, prioritizing options and completing charts. Throughout, students are encouraged to draw upon their life and business experience.

Essential business vocabulary is presented and practiced through a wide variety of creative and engaging exercises. Students learn new words, phrases and collocations, and are given tasks which help to activate the vocabulary they already know or have just learnt. A Vocabulary File at the end of the book gives students the opportunity to revise core vocabulary from the Course Book units under topic headings. There is further vocabulary practice in the Practice File.

There are a number of discussion activities which are designed to build up students confidence in expressing their views in English and to improve their fluency. Discussion topics include: ?Talk about your favourite brands?, ?Rank a list of unethical activities? and ?Discuss the importance of cultural awareness in business? (Market Leader Intermediate) among many others.

Students read new articles from the Financial Times and other business sources. They develop their reading skills and acquire essential business vocabulary. The texts provide a context for language work and discussion later on in the unit.

The authentic listening texts are based on interviews with business people and experts in their field. Students develop listening skills such as prediction, listening for specific information, and note-taking.

Language Review
These sections develop students? awareness of the language problems common to their level of English. They focus on accuracy and knowledge of key areas of grammar. Students can use the Grammar reference at the end of the Course Book and there is further practice in the Practice File and in the Business Grammar and Usage book.

Communication Skills
This section helps learners to develop their communication skills in the key business areas of presentations, meetings, negotiations, telephoning and social English. Each section contains a Useful Language box which provides students with the support and phrases they need to carry out the business tasks in the regular role play activities.

Case study
The Market Leader case studies are linked to the business topics of each unit. They are based on realistic business problems or situations and encourage students to use the language and communication skills they have developed while working through each unit. They give students plenty of opportunities to practise speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in realistic contexts. Each case study ends with a follow-up writing task. These tasks reflect the real world of business correspondence and will also help those students preparing for Business English exams. A full writing section is provided in the Market Leader Practice File.

Review units
Each review unit is designed to recycle and revise material covered in the preceding Course Book units.

Practice File
This gives extra practice in the areas of grammar and vocabulary, together with a complete section in business writing. In each unit students work with text models and useful language, then do a writing task to consolidate the learning. The practice File provides regular self study pronunciation work (with an audio CD and exercises), and a valuable Business English survival language section.

Audio materials
All the listening activities from the Course Book (interviews with business practitioners) and the Practice File (pronunciation exercises) are available on cassettes and audio CDs, depending on users' preference.

Test File
A free Test Master CD ROM provides an entry test, some progress tests and an exit test, which reviews the work done throughout the course.

The Market Leader Videos offer students the opportunity to see the Business English they have been studying presented in real context, and the situations and characters in the films also enable them to gain an insight into business issues and working relationships. Each video is accompanied by a set of photocopiable worksheets and a transcript.

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Online Business & ESL English Classes

COVID 19 has eliminated most in-person classroom ESL, English & Business English classes.

Online classes are an excellent substitute and can be designed for individuals or groups of students.

Online classes use combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms.

All ESL in Canada online teachers are Canadian certified and experienced teachers.

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