How to Shop for Cell Phones

Students and visitors in Canada have very limited cell phone choices. Cell phones can be purchased, rented or packaged with a contract time period.

Cell phones require an activation fee and a monthly connection fee and then they charge you a monthly fee for receiving and making calls by the minute.

Cell phones have a range of options or features such as call waiting, forwarding and message taking.

Cell phones have organization features such as address books, calendars, electronic time displays, touch screens and alarms.

Some cell phones have audio, camera and video recording devices built into them and can be instant on and used fully battery powered and operated.

Some cell phones are Blue tooth-equipped and allow users to use wireless headsets and handle cable-free file transfers.

Some cell phones have full email, text messaging and internet browsing capability. This allows the cell phone user to talk, text or email their outbound communications.

Some cell phones are mp4 equipped and can store GB's of songs for later playback or you can use the built in radio.

Consumers have to make three decisions.

- How much do you want to pay?

- What equipment, options and features do you want?

- When will you change your phone: in 1 year, 18 months, 2 years or can you wait longer.

Cell phones are available through local service outlets that provide the hardware and the activation services. Every once in a while there are special group discounts offered. Most consumers buy their phone as individuals after looking at the local, national and internet prices and features and selecting to their style and budget.

In Canada the cell phone service is the most expensive in the world. For years two companies dominated the market. Recently three small competitors were allowed into the market place.

The prices are still high, the service ranges limited, most cell phones still do not work in the subway and most office buildings. Even the Canadian government has advertised against the cell phone companies to improve their services and lower their prices.

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