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Education agents assist international students with placement, registration, admissions, student visa, accommodation and medical insurance applications for student entry into ESL Language, high school and post-secondary IT, university, college, or vocational programs where they have a sales commission by contract. In our experience 99.9 % of the education agent recommendations are based on sales commissions.

Education consultants assist students to define specific educational goals, career paths and preferences for schools, programs, courses, qualifications of teachers, instructional formats, locations, ranking, prices, budgets, and other student criteria.

Education consultants explain to international students how the Canada schools are organized, operate and explain reasonable expectations. Education consultants should provide complete educational consulting, advice and recommendations to students.

Education consultants advise students about Canada travel savings, discount programs, low season rates, organizing groups, price and quality comparisons, to help students save money and obtain the best value for money spent on their education.

Education consultants can help their students understand Canadian culture and prepare for their travels to Canada. Canada is an open, free democracy with a multi-cultural mixture unlike any other world-class country in the world. The UN says Canada has two of the best cities in the world.

Education consulting can be a wonderful job. Education Consulting helps students get the best schools and best prices. Consultants can help their friends, family and neighbors and area residents. Education consultants can help students get into better schools, better jobs and live better lives.

The first task of the education consultant is to understand the abilities, preferences and goals of the student. The second task is to determine the most appropriate training program for the student. The third task is to assemble the education and training path for the student. The fourth task is to monitor the student's progress along the education path to see if the student is successful, still on target or has changed their education priorities.

Professional education consultants should be prepared to work with their clients for the years necessary to get them started and continue to offer professional development programs when the students become working professionals.

ESL in Canada is setting up a list of experienced and qualified education agents and consultants.

Lists of Education Agents

New lists of Education Agents with experience to place students into ESL English or English as a second language programs, IT schools, vocational, public schools, high schools, university and college programs in Canada.

Lists of Education Agents in Canada

Lists of Education Agents in Europe

Lists of Education Agents in The Middle East

Lists of Education Agents in South America

Lists of Education Agents in Mexico and Central America

Lists of Education Agents in Africa

Lists of Education Agents in Asia

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