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English classes available in Toronto and Vancouver

English Through Comedy

Explore and examine the variety and nature of comedy in English through film, TV series, sketch shows and political satire. In addition to absorbing language, see how different types of comedy are used in North America.

English Through Film

Expand your knowledge of colloquial vocabulary and expressions by studying and discussing films. Learn about cinematic techniques, read and write movie reviews, and discuss culture and ideas presented in films.

English Through Global Social Issues

This course is designed to develop students' English language skills through the study of global issues. Improve fluency and build vocabulary by exploring and discussing contemporary social issues. Topics reflect global concerns such as women's and children's rights, health care, religion and environmental issues.

English Through Journalism

This course develops your English writing skills with an integrated focus on vocabulary and grammar development. Strengthen your writing skills through the fun and exciting context of journalism. You will have the opportunity to become an investigative reporter for the ILSC Student Newspaper. Develop and refine your skills by researching topics in your host country and writing short articles and blogs. You'll have the opportunity to explore the city, investigate issues that are important to you and build solid writing and interviewing skills.

English Through Media Studies

Take this this course if you are interested in developing your English skills through exploring media, social media and their impact on society. You will analyze both the structure and context of newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the Internet.

English Through Music

Explore the language of music while learning about the history of popular music genres. Learn about the roots of hip-hop, jazz, rock and roll, punk and other popular music genres, and discuss some of the famous artists who have contributed to each in music history. The focus on each genre may vary based on the interests of the group. Practise your English through reading and discussing song lyrics and improve your listening comprehension and vocabulary by analyzing the rich stories told in variety of songs. No musical experience necessary.

English Through Media Studies

Develop your English writing, reading, listening and speaking skills while exploring the history of social media and its various applications for business, politics and personal use. You will learn how social media is changing our world through examining case-studies, and participating in class discussions and a group project.

English Through Toronto

Develop your English language skills, and language learning strategies while you explore Toronto’s history, historical buildings, churches, neighbourhoods and civilization, both in and outside of the classroom. Learn about and experience Toronto history through readings, videos, and field trips. The course will include written and oral assignments so that you’ll be able to put your language learning into practice and track your progress in the course.

International Current Events

Master the language of international affairs and keep pace with today's changing political climate. Practice English through debates on politics, economics and law. Instructional media for this course includes television, video and the Internet.

Street Talk

Enhance your knowledge of everyday colloquial English to communicate more easily with native speakers outside the classroom. Informal language including idioms, phrasal verbs and slang, are taught for practical, real life situations using a variety of authentic materials such as TV shows, commercials and blogs.

Performing Arts Certificate in English

If you are looking for a way to express yourself and be creative, then the Performing Arts Certificate in English is for you! This Certificate program guides you from working with the written word to the spoken word with increased confidence and fluency. Adopt English speaking culture by embracing the tones, the colours, and the passion of the language! Find your English voice by progressing from shorter to longer written pieces, from dialogues to storytelling, radio, theatre and onward to theatrical or filmmaking productions. Develop a balance of speaking and writing skills - Bring your language to life - Transform written language skills into everyday spoken English - Expand your spoken and written vocabulary using a range of powerful speech production techniques - Work intensively on English language fluency and accuracy.

Green Leadership

In this course, you will learn vocabulary, expand your listening and fluency skills, prepare, write and deliver presentations and expand your overall English language skills, while focusing on a combination of leadership and environmental topics. What can one person do? What can awareness bring us? How can we work together as a team to make change happen? In this course you will challenge yourself to discuss and reflect on the environmental issues current on the North West Coast of Canada.

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English Through Comedy, Film, Global Social Issues, Journalism, Music, Media, Social Media, Toronto, Vancouver, International Global Issues, History, Street Talk, Performing Arts, Environment and Green Initiatives, and other personal interests topics

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