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Communication Courses


Develop skills to confidently handle personal and business situations. A wide variety of speaking and action skills are presented and used in the classroom. You will focus on developing fluency rather than on grammar correction or pronunciation difficulties unless they greatly interfere with communication. Develop new ways of expressing yourself in order to communicate clearly, make good choices, create realistic goals, and stand up for yourself in a positive way.


Build confidence and improve your fluency through daily practice, dialogues, role- plays and guided conversation.

Discussion Circle

Build new vocabulary and improve fluency through dynamic discussions on topics such as art, sports, psychology, food, science and technology.

English Communication

In the intermediate levels you will improve English speaking and listening skills through small group activities and lively classroom discussion. You will learn to express ideas in diverse social situations and build vocabulary in a wide range of subjects. At the upper levels, you will progress through Speaking Dynamics, refining expressive language skills, debate and use of persuasive language. You will achieve Speaking Excellence by developing strategies for critical thought by delving into controversial issues. Improve use of complex language structure such as irony, problem solving and debate. You will work on becoming proficient in English by participating in Discussion Circles that aim to build native-like fluency using sophisticated vocabulary in dynamic discussions on topics such as art, sports, psychology, food, science and technology.

English Foundation

The English Foundation course focuses on the core languages skills you need to build a solid English foundation. These levels focus on developing communicative ability in English, including core listening, speaking, reading and writing with integrated grammar and vocabulary. In the English Foundation course, you will improve your: Confidence communicating in English in a variety of everyday situations in small group activities and lively classroom discussions - Speaking fluency and accuracy - Listening, reading and speaking for daily communication, discussions and presentations - Writing skills for well-structured sentences - Grammar and vocabulary in context - Productive grammar and functions in daily use - Active vocabulary for a wide variety of themes.


Build comprehension of spoken language by practising listening activities taken from daily social and academic situations.
Listening for Professionals - Increase comprehension of business and academic English. Practise understanding spontaneous informal language as well as explanations of abstract and theoretical ideas.


Practice and refine all aspects of pronunciation: sound, intonation, stress and mechanics. At the upper level, develop fluent and comprehensible speech through identification and correction of specific pronunciation weaknesses through diagnostic testing, teacher feedback, peer evaluation and self-monitoring.

Public Speaking

Master the secrets of effective public speaking. Learn speech organization, delivery techniques and listening skills an excellent way to push English skills to a higher level.


Use and practice new vocabulary for a wide range of interesting and useful topics. You will expand your knowledge of everyday vocabulary, expressions and idioms, and develop strategies for learning new vocabulary.

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English Through Comedy, Film, Global Social Issues, Journalism, Music, Media, Social Media, Toronto, Vancouver, International Global Issues, History, Street Talk, Performing Arts, Environment and Green Initiatives, and other personal interests topics

Academic and Test Preparation Courses; Academic Speaking, Listening, writing, vocabulary, Cambridge Business English CAE CPE FCE; IELTS Speaking Listening Reading Listening; TOEIC Preparation, TOEFL Preparation

Communication Courses: Basic English Skills, Conversation, Discussion, Debate, Assertiveness, Public Speaking.

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Online Business & ESL English Classes

COVID 19 has eliminated most in-person classroom ESL, English & Business English classes.

Online classes are an excellent substitute and can be designed for individuals or groups of students.

Online classes use combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms.

All ESL in Canada online teachers are Canadian certified and experienced teachers.

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