English Language Vocabulary for Business Letters

extra document or image that is added to an email

block format
most common business letter format, single spaced, all paragraphs begin at the left margin

the content of the letter; between the salutation and signature

dots used to set off items in an unnumbered list

certified mail
sender pays extra postage in order to receive a notice of receipt

logical and easy to understand

summary illustrates points quickly

for personal or specific company use only

demonstrating consideration and kindness

double space format
one blank line is left between lines of text

extra document, pages or image included with a letter

formal style
set formatting and business language, opposite of casual

the organization of the letter

a word or phrase that indicates what the text below will be about

1 tab or 5 extra spaces at the beginning of a paragraph

casual formatting and business language, opposite of formal

inside address
recipient's mailing information

justified margins
straight and even text, always begins at the same place

specialized paper with a company logo, name and address printed at the top

symbol or image that identifies a specific organization

a blank space that borders the edge of the text

(memo) internal document sent within a company

modified block format
left justified as block format, but date and closing are centered

on arrival notation
notice to recipient that appears on an envelope (ie. "rush")

the cost of sending a letter through the Post Office

read through a finished document to check for mistakes

the person who receives the letter

the greeting in a business letter (e.g. "Dear Mr Jones")

semi-block format
paragraphs are indented, not left-justified

spaced format where no blanks lines are left in-between lines of text

spacing blank
area between words or lines of text

the feeling created by the language

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