Example Florida Vacation

The main Florida destination is Orlando for eight days with passes for Disney World, Universal Studios, local Orlando attractions, and optional day trips to Busch Gardens, the Everglades, Miami and Kennedy Space Station.

The English camp will include an ESL English instructor with 60 hours of English conversation classes.

This English Camp is projected to total 14 days with travel time and to cost about $1600 per person.

Email info requests to: eslincanada@gmail.com

Florida Destination Information.

Disney World is the ultimate fantasy trip in Orlando, Florida.

Disney is the place where dreams come true. Where make believe is real, time stands still and stars are within reach. Walt Disney World is this magical place. The world of Disney magic awaits! With this much enchantment, the vacation of your dreams is closer than your imagination. There's something for everyone to enjoy at Walt Disney World.

Special three, five or seven day passes allow visitors to access all four Disney theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Disney Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Universal Orlando Resorts and Theme Parks

The Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks are a world where everyone can choose their own perfect fun. You can have the ultimate adventure, have fun, rejuvenate yourself, have a romantic dinner, challenge yourself on incredible theme park rides, and relax by the pool in a beautiful Florida setting.

Orlando has the most world class theme parks.

Orlando is a world-class destination for every member of the group. Everyone can have fun in their own way. The theme parks Cypress Gardens, Discovery Cove, SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are unrivaled anywhere in the world.

Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida

More than a Zoo, more than an Amusement Park, Busch Gardens can be a delightful day for any age. Over the years Busch Gardens has added many things to their collection of roller coasters and their animals exhibits. Water Rides include Tanganyika Tidal Wave a peaceful jungle journey and Stanley Falls a Log Flume water ride. Other Attractions include King Tut's Tomb, Serengeti Railway, Skyride, Rhino Rally, Edge of Africa a safari experience and Stine's Haunted Lighthouse.

Kennedy Space Centre is the real out of this world destination

At Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, you get the unique chance to tour ? up close ? NASA?s launch and landing facilities. Experience interactive simulators, live shows and jaw-dropping encounters with massive rockets. As well as have the opportunity to meet a real member of NASA?s Astronaut Corps. It?s all what you can expect from an inspiring day at Kennedy Space Center.

Miami has world famous South Beach and Art Deco District

To know Miami Beach is to love it. And the only way to really know it is to experience the excitement firsthand. When the sun comes up with the peaceful serenity of a tropical dawn, it rises over the Atlantic Ocean and it shines brilliantly over one of the hottest destinations, MIAMI BEACH. It sizzles with style and sophistication.

Email to: eslincanada@gmail.com

Online Business & ESL English Classes

COVID 19 has eliminated most in-person classroom ESL, English & Business English classes.

Online classes are an excellent substitute and can be designed for individuals or groups of students.

Online classes use combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms.

All ESL in Canada online teachers are Canadian certified and experienced teachers.

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