How to Shop for Student Health Insurance

Information and recommendations will assist visitors to Canada when making health insurance purchase decisions.

Accident Insurance is a form of health insurance against loss by accidental bodily injury.

Accident and Health Insurance is a type of coverage that pays benefits and or reimbursement for loss of income, in the case of sickness, accidental injury, or accidental death.

Dental insurance helps to pay costs of normal dental care as well as damage to teeth from an accident.

Disability Income Insurance is a form of health insurance that provides periodic payments to replace income when an insured person is unable to work as a result of illness, injury, or disease.

Health insurance reimburses losses resulting from sickness or accidental bodily injury. Health insurance includes various types of insurance such as accident insurance, disability income insurance, medical expense insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Health insurance provides payment of benefits for covered sickness or injury. Includes various types of insurance such as accident insurance, disability income insurance, medical expense insurance, accidental death insurance, and dismemberment insurance.

Sickness Insurance is a form of health insurance providing benefits for loss resulting from illness or disease.

Visitor medical insurance is available for USA and Canada coverage for:

Foreign Students attending an educational institution full-time, or a daily registered student.

Visitors who are 79 years of age or under who wish to visit Canada. Insurance for visitors over 79 years old is available, but is medically underwritten.

Foreign Workers who are 69 years of age or under.

Landed Immigrants who are 69 years of age or under.

Returning Canadian citizens who are 79 years of age or younger.

Medical insurance is important for visitors traveling to the USA and Canada.

Recent reports from the USA show the single largest cause of personal bankruptcies are medical expenses from sickness and accidents. Everything is more expensive during an emergency. Normal flight costs of $1000 are suddenly $15,000 for medical transfers. The daily hotel rate of $250 is petite compared to the $3,500 to $10,000 USA daily hospital rate. Anything more sophisticated than a bandage or plaster cast can cost 5 figures.

When you travel - especially in the USA - have medical insurance!!

You can find medical insurance brochures at your travel agent, education agency, school and work locations. Most medical insurance is available at a group rate through school, work or an association.

Pick up three different brochures and compare the types of coverage, costs and payment options.

We also recommend using an independent insurance broker - who has the expertise to show the travel or health insurance market. You can talk to Gary at Stone Hedge Financial.

Travel Insurance is not Health Insurance

The five primary types of travel Insurance are vacation cancellation/interruption, medical, evacuation, baggage and flight insurance. Consider all factors when determining what kind of and how much coverage is right for you.

Cancellation insurance is the most common kind of coverage found in every comprehensive travel Insurance policy. This covers unforeseen reasons like sickness, weather and legal obligations. The exact coverage varies from provider to provider.

Most travel medical insurance covers 24-hour emergency assistance, ambulance costs, hospital services and emergency dental work.

Evacuation insurance covers emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate care facility if you are somewhere remote or in a place that cannot appropriately treat a condition.

Baggage insurance covers travelers for clothes, medication and other essential items if baggage is delayed in arriving at the destination. It also covers you if your possessions are lost, stolen or damaged during the trip.

Flight insurance covers your flights because of the higher cost of international fares in the event of a delay or cancellation because of bad weather, mechanical breakdowns or labor strikes.

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