Internet Phone FAQS

In the simplest terms an internet phone plugs into your internet connection and it works at any time - just like a regular phone! Remember SKYPE is internet computer to computer for free calls.

This means that wherever you have internet you can make regular phone calls - which is a huge advantage - especially if you are an international student far away from home.

As an international student if you are already paying for an internet connection at your homestay or school wireless service why bother paying more for a phone when you can make calls with an internet phone?

With the new available technology this means that you don't have to have your computer running to receive calls or have to go through the hassle of turning it on everytime you want to make a call.

You can 'plug' in an actual phone and use an internet connection to make phone calls instead of a regular landline.

Another thing is you can take your home number with you! Yes that's right !!!

If you're moving to a new place or are travelling for an extended period and you don't want to give up your home phone - you don't have to. You can go anywhere and still have your home number ring at anytime and anywhere.

Your friends and family can still call your local phone number at home - it is not long distance. You can save your family and friends thousands of dollars while you are studying overseas.

This is a picture of my old internet phone set-up. I downloaded an ebook all about internet phones that tells me how to use the many different types of internet phones and internet phone services while travelling around the world.

picture of internet phone that works through the internet without the computer

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