How to Shop for Long Distance Telephone Services

Students and visitors to Canada have a variety of long distance services to choose from.

There are three basic systems competing for long distance services. The original long distance service was provided by the land line based telephone companies. The second basic system is the cell phone networks. The third basic system is the internet based systems.

Long Distance telephone calls can be made through cell phones. These long distance expenses are huge and we recommend that consumers never use cell phones to make a long distance call.

Long Distance telephone calls can be made through the local "land line" telephone service providers at a transient one by one call rate based on time and distance of call. This is the second most expensive long distance telephone service.

Local telephone service providers also have contracts that provide long distance call discounts for specific times or specific rates or for a a set number of minutes each month.

Long distance telephone calls can be made through long distance service providers who work through the local or "land line" telephone service providers. You can sign a contract authorizing all long distance calls are automatically dialed through a designated long distance call provider.

Some long distance service providers do not work through local telephone service providers and they require a seperate dialed in phone access number. Consumers do not have to sign a contract. Users just pay as you use the long distance service fees.

There are many internet based long distance calling card companies that offer connection fees with lower per minute calling charges. These long distance cards are excellent when making one call to a single location and talking for several hours to several people.

There are many long distance calling card companies that offer the no connection fee cards with a flat rate per minute calling fee. These calling cards are best suited for calling several different locations and talking for less time periods. If the student makes several short time calls then the no connection fee card is best for their style of long distance calling.

There are many internet based phone services which includes long distance. Consumers can purchase a local number, obtain their SIP credentials and use their computer or smart phone to dial out or receive incoming phone calls. These internet based long distance charges are the lowest available of all three basic systems.

If you want to save money on long distance calls there is new technology that converts your cell phone into a VOIP or also called an internet phone. There are independant Internet Phone service providers that are separate from the cable companies. These services allow you to take your internet phone with you when you travel.

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