Virtual Communities

There are many virtual communities where students and teachers can exchange information, provide educational information and lessons.

ESL in Canada has some information in some of the virtual communities. This information can be lists of educational resources, blogs or complete educational articles.

Some of the virtual communities offer the ability to communicate with text and audio messages and share pictures and videos.

ESL in Canada will be updating and adding to the information in the various virtual communities or providing news announcements and links to new educational resources that are located both inside and outside the virtual communities.

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Really OLD ESL in Canada in Myspace

MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends.

On MySpace you can share photos, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends!

MySpace is for everyone:
Friends who want to talk Online
People who want to connect their friends with other friends
Families who want to keep in touch--map your Family Tree
Teachers interested in creating virtual classes
Classmates and study partners
Anyone looking for long lost friends!

How Do I Use MySpace?

First, Sign Up and Create a Profile

(Your Profile is Your Space on the Web, where you can describe yourself, hobbies and interests. You can even upload pics and write journals.)

Second, Invite your Friends to join Your Personal Network or Search the site for your Friends who are already Members of Myspace.

You can you can visit us from there!!

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ESL in Canada Ezine Articles

Career Educator with 33 years of classroom, camp and online teaching experience in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Korea and China.

Status: Platinum Member since March 20, 2006
Location: Canada
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Online Business & ESL English Classes

COVID 19 has eliminated most in-person classroom ESL, English & Business English classes.

Online classes are an excellent substitute and can be designed for individuals or groups of students.

Online classes use combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms.

All ESL in Canada online teachers are Canadian certified and experienced teachers.

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Email any questions or to start your studies ESL in Canada

Business & ESL English Teacher

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